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The ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Has A Lot Of Surprises In Store For Us This December

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by Conscious Reminder

Eclipses are known for their grand effects on life and the upcoming Solar Eclipse is going to be no less important.

The day after Christmas, i.e., 26th December 2019 is the day when a Solar Eclipse is to take place. Like most Eclipses, this one will also not be visible in every part of the world.

People from Indonesia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Australia and some parts of Asia will witness it.

A Solar Eclipse is the phenomenon of the Moon coming in between the Earth and the Sun. This results in a partial to full coverage of the Sun by the Moon thereby causing an Eclipse.

This Eclipse will make the Sun look like a ring of fire because only the outer rim will be visible. It will indeed be a sight to behold.

Some emotional upheaval is to be expected this Eclipse season. You might get to see some hidden emotions of yourself and others.

You won’t be willing to give up on any opportunities and might even consider options you usually tend to ignore. Something from your past may suddenly show up. But it won’t be anything small, believe us. You will feel the change.

Mostly such changes are positive and will bring happiness, directly or indirectly. But to know the effects on a personal level, you should analyze your birth chart.

It will give you accurate and reliable predictions on how you should approach this Solar Eclipse.

Don’t worry too much if you feel like things are going a little crazy. Eclipses can cause some events which were unexpected for you but it is for your own good.

The new way that you will see, will be the best you could’ve taken. These new opportunities will open up a whole new horizon for you to explore and conquer.

With this year moving towards its end, we can say that the cosmos is also renewing itself.

The Solar Eclipse will have a lot of mixed effects on all our lives and maybe, dampen things a little bit. But on the positive side, it is setting the stage for 2020 to come and rock on.

Oh, and the sight of it will be beautiful too! If you can watch it live, do watch it. It is to be visible from a 100-mile distance, which will make it spectacular to watch.

If you feel like changes have started occurring recently, well then, now you know the cause!   

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