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Reverse Bad Karma, ‘Cause You And Karma Vibe Like That

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by Conscious Reminder

Karma is defined as “the force generated by a person’s actions, which is held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and, in its ethical consequences, to determine the nature of the person’s next existence.”

To put it another way, what goes around comes around. From Culture Club’s 1983 smash hit “Karma Chameleon” to Justin Timberlake’s 2006 single that references the phenomenon, it’s a term that pop culture has been obsessed with for years. While it may appear that Taylor Swift coined the term for her 2022 Midnights album (“‘Cause karma is my boyfriend/karma is a god/karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend/karma’s a relaxing thought”), this is clearly not the case.

All humans are subject to karmic law, but it does not have to imprison us. Many people believe they are victims of bad karma and have no control over it, which is simply not true. Whatever karma you’ve brought to this lifetime, you can change, mold, and use it to your advantage. The literal meaning of karma, “action,” suggests the possibility of change. After all, all thoughts are simply energy waiting to come back to you.

So, what’s the healthiest and most certain way to improve your karma?

Here are seven ideas.

:: Listen to the universe.

Are you someone who is frequently stuck in traffic or in long lines? Instead of tapping your foot and honking your horn, consider what the universe is trying to tell you. (Hint: be patient.) The lessons you need to learn are all around you; you just need to know how to see them more clearly.

:: Do a good deed.

This is the simplest method for reversing your karma. If you send out positive energy, you will receive positive energy back. So, assist that elderly woman crossing the street, drop some change in the charity box, or buy a cheeseburger for a homeless person. You will receive if you give.

:: Do a Tarot or I-Ching reading.

These readings are excellent for determining the karmic pulse of the day. Daily I-Ching readings, like a “early warning system,” can help you see which actions and attitudes will lead you down a better path. There are even Tarot readings that will assist you in connecting with your karma.

:: Change your routine.

If you go to the same places, see the same people, and do the same things every day and you notice you’re having “bad luck,” change things up. The universe may be trying to tell you that there is something you should stop doing or that there is something else you should start doing.

:: Learn about your past lives.

Finding out what choices you made in your previous life or lives can help you understand the patterns you’re seeing in this one. Once you’ve determined which lessons you still need to learn, you can modify your behavior accordingly.

:: Practice Feng Shui.

The ancient art of placement and karma are inextricably linked. Good karma leads to better energy, and Feng Shui removes negativity from your spaces, allowing positive energy to flow through your home and within you, assisting your karma to improve. Learn how to apply the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui in your daily life.

:: Learn how to forgive.

Forgiveness is a double whammy in terms of karma. You not only generate good karma for yourself, but you also assist in the release of negative karma for the other person. You are ready to change your karma once you understand what your karmic energies are—what experiences or people you are attracting into your life in order to receive the lessons they offer.

Your thoughts and emotions, whether you are aware of them or not, affect others and are reflected in your environment. Every thought is energy, and every thought sends a vibration that affects everything in the environment, from your own physical body to every aspect of the outside world—all the people, animals, plants, and the cosmos itself.

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