You Can Transform You Life By Controlling Your Own Thoughts

by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to talk about the five major steps used to reclaim our minds.

They are the following:

Observe it

First of all, we have to begin paying more attention to our thoughts. We can use thought logs, writing down everything we are thinking in our language, the one which we use to speak to ourselves. For instance, one of those areas we can work on is the relationship we have with our body.

Then, we should ensure that we hear ourselves when we talk to ourselves about our body, especially while we are looking in the mirror, while we are getting dressed, shopping, or even avoiding shopping. When we look at some menu, what are the things that we say to ourselves? We should listen carefully and write our thoughts down right after listening.

Name it

We have to decide which of the thought patterns we would like to eliminate. We are going to start seeing that we continually talk to ourselves about one specific thing, a negative one, making us feel bad.

We should discover the negative thought pattern which isn’t aligned with our dreams, and then give it a name. We have to ensure that we have an appropriate name for it.

Stop it

Right when we hear that specific thought patterns, we will roll up our sleeves in order to deal with finally stopping it. We will see that we can tell ourselves to start thinking about something different. As we left our inner dialogue run wild in different life areas, we don’t have an idea that suddenly, we can’t tolerate its tantrum anymore, which means that we can put our feet down, and start changing it.

We can even stop its rant, calling the shots. It is very simple. Our dreams implore us. Some of the best ways in which we may stop our negative thoughts would be confessing them to a person out loud and making consequences for ourselves for participating in such thoughts, as well.

Replace it

We have to decide which of the thoughts we would like to cultivate rather than our current ones, ensuring that they will align with our dreams. Although this sounds very simple, it really works.

We are responsible for what we would like to think about; we simply have not been. Just like we will need patience and time to kick the wrong tenants out, this will also take time. Those three squatters were living there for many years, so we should hire our dreams a very good attorney.

Implement it

We have to direct our new and different thought patterns, making sure that we are actually thinking about what we would like to think about. For example, our dream may be falling crazily in love or finding our soulmate.

Rather than entertaining the negative thoughts present in our minds about how unfortunate we are, how dry our city is, or how we missed the boat, we should begin instead imagining our trip with our loved one to Bali, our partner’s hand in ours, a ring on our finger, and so on.

We should quiet our mind down, and even do what we would like to do, replacing those cowardly, self-sabotaging, old, and bratty thoughts with some bold, dreamy, and new ones.

Following these five steps are going to take our mind back.

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