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Empaths Have A Serious Problem With Not Belonging And Here’s Why

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Often we feel uneasy and uncomfortable to accept the social norms as if they suffocate us to death and it feels like are searching for some other home.

But there are people who do this job easily without any complications as we may face time to time. They accept the so called rules and keep going, never really having any doubt whatsoever. We wonder what makes this so complicated for us!

The answer is quite difficult to find. But we, the Emotionally Concerned People are gifted with the capability to find out other people’s emotions and struggles which we feel can create a bond. But that is just a mere illusion. We may find out honesty and dishonesty but that does not give us our answer.

Power to Know Truth

We are gifted that power but we do not accept the wrong. We know hot to get to know the pros and cons. But we often get our answers when we are shaken by some emotional storm or life changing event.

Hardship Pays Off

This storm which shakes us often proves to the turning point of our life. We understand people and their hidden emotions which makes the burden heavier. At this point we close ourselves in boxes away from people to hide ourselves. Staying alone doesn’t help but it triggers the feeling of not “fitting in”.

However this dark phase increases our struggle but pushes us towards positive growth and we keep working on ourselves just to improve further. Just as under immense pressure the coal becomes diamond, the hardships keeps us moving for our own good.

Daylight comes only after the Night

But these things again do not lead us to the path of our quest, our answers. This quest only keeps us going, we move further to find the answer of our suffering. The journey goes on and we keep acquiring knowledge. We work for our betterment and unknowingly we succeed in making life easier.

Positivity Makes its Way

Our struggle brings us the fruit of success, in sphere of health, emotion as well as work. We become self sufficient and stop looking around the world to find the answers. Instead, we learn that our soul has everything within.

We grow up learning misleading words, often contradictory to our thought. We learn to be accepted by the people we need to accept the norms and kill the desires which do not match to the norms. Like everyone around d we fail to do so and that creates the belief of ‘not fitting in’.

And Finally the Answer

We realize that only being truthful to our soul and accepting the way we are we can eradicate this sense of not fitting in. Once we learn our nature and establish harmony with that, the world around us seems invisible and their judgments stop affecting us.

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