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Being The One That Cares More Doesn’t Make You Weak

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When you are in a relationship, there are always going to be some changes in the dynamics. This is an unfortunate rule but someone will always care a bit more than the other.

Someone cares a bit more and so they propose, ask out, counsel another when they are going through a divorce. They put in a bit more effort, go just an extra mile than what their partner offers, and sometimes, they are the ones bringing balance to a relationship.

You might be loved by a person who you just sort-of like. On the other hand, you might go crazy for a person who thinks you are sort-of okay.

You won’t like to be the crazy person falling for someone who does not care much for you. You might seem like the desperate one – as if your whole existence depends on the validation of someone else.

You are like the desperate fool shouting “I’m smart” or “I’m adorable” but you know all of these are a cry for help. You would try to find out why they don’t like you or are essentially not caring enough for you.

According to you, your jokes land just fine and your hair looks great. You take extra care to appear the best you are. But then, when none of it seems to move the other person, you feel empty inside – lost. And it seems that there is no way you can get out of this situation.

The person who cares a little less thinks it is cool. But it is nowhere near as magical as becoming crazy about a person when you meet them. Or the moments of waiting when you are about to meet them.

The impulsive and craziness is just magic – a fulfilling moment where you are experiencing a load of emotions. And that’s okay.

You should be the person who cares a lot more – the person trying to keep a relationship steady, who loves more than the other – a person who seeks validation.

Show that you are committed and that you do not have vague intentions. Stop playing a game of power. Be the person who you dream of dating.

The world does not need another person who is indifferent. It needs passion and you need to use it. Yes, using too much passion may bruise you, may make you feel emotionally drained.

But it’s better to have loved and lost rather than to never have loved at all. Maybe you will go empty-handed thinking of ways in which you could have had a fulfilling life. But the alternative of indifference is so much worse.

Caring less is not an honor or something to be triumphant about. Show your care. Show your commitments. It’s not about watering down your passion. It’s about filling up every moment with as much passion as you can.

Because that’s how life should be. We need people who are passionate – who stand up and fight for something they are passionate about. Because the world is slowly filling up with people who just don’t care.

We need balance – we need more people who care a lot more.

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