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11 Reasons The Anti-Social Girl Makes The Best Girlfriend

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Most likely the girl who’s well-read, she’s admired for her complex understanding of a variety of subjects. She’s deeply attuned with her emotions and never struggles to express herself.

Many wrongfully label her as anti-social when she chooses to not mingle and stigmatize her as weird. She’s not really anti-social, she’s more selectively social.

They are great to hang out with although it takes a lot for them to actually be comfortable around you. This is not a bad thing, they just require a very specific type of person to socialize with, which has it’s pros and cons. Branding her anti-social shouldn’t have an impact on her as a potential girlfriend, in fact, we will show you just how she actually makes a great girlfriend!

# Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Dating her, rest assured your conversations will be deeply insightful. She’s introspective and analytical which makes her come across as well-read and she has an admirable understanding of complex subjects. She’s never too shy to express herself either.

# Her Friends Are Pretty Awesome

She’s got a small group of friends, be it small in numbers, her friend circle is filled with seriously great people. Remember that she’s super selective on who she socializes with, so guaranteed, when she expresses interest in people, they are worth keeping around.

# She Doesn’t Mind Missing Parties

No worries here, she’s not going to expect loads of dates and long nights out. She’s more than happy to stay in, order pizza and watch Netflix with you in her PJ’s.

# She’s Mature For Her Age

She’s super intelligent and seems to understand people pretty well, even with her lack of general interaction. She’s level headed and manages to see things objectively. We consider her wise beyond her years.

# Commitment and Loyalty are Strong Values

She won’t cheat on you and it’s not because she cant, she simply stands strong because she values her morals with loyalty and commitment on the top of her list.

# She loves animals

She relates to animals more than people. She stops to pet the random dog or cat, she’s affectionate and comes off as motherly.

# She Has Great Work Ethic And Strong Ambition

You need to know that she’s super ambitious and a general hard worker. This is because she strives to fulfill her dreams and will stop at nothing to achieve them. She values hard work  and resilience and will never back down when fighting for the things she wants dearly in life. She’s not going to look upon other people to do her chores either, it’s just not in her nature.

# She’s the perfect excuse to get out of things

As she’s branded as anti-social, it’s pretty easy to use her as an excuse when you just don’t feel like attending events that wont peak your interests. She’s more than happy to even decline on your behalf, as she has no problem with getting her hands dirty in order for you to keep yours clean.

# She’s VERY Honest

She’s eloquent and well versed at expressing herself, so when something’s on her mind and she feels it’s important, nothing’s going to stop her from sharing it. No need to be a mind-reader around her, because she’s always going to let you know what she’s thinking.

# She’s Witty

Charming and witty, she carries the conversation. She’s the girl you always find yourself learning from due to her in-depth knowledge. Her level of intelligence is sexy yet she rarely gets to shine. Although, when you see this side of her, you will find yourself getting addicted. Fast.

# You Get What You See

Ever heard the term “she wears her heart on her sleeve”? That’s her right there. She’s completely transparent and you never have to worry about unwanted surprises or skeletons falling out of her closet. She’s the epitome of an open book and leaves all her emotional baggage behind her.

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