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What Astrological Events Await Us In The First Month Of The New Decade?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

So here we are at the beginning of 2020. This power month portends things to come for the whole decade.

Spiritual arousing is the topic of this month and it gets a boost with a compelling Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon on the 10th of January in the sight of Cancer.

The energy emitted by Cancer promises to be strong. On offer will be emotionally stimulating energy. It will motivate and instigate us to shed, release, and liberate.

This Eclipse has a connection with the Eclipse seen in July 2019. So the themes are expected to be identical. We may also get more closure or insight.

Eclipses are significant events that bring events associated with the soul destiny or pathway. At times of a Lunar Eclipse, a gateway of energy is opened up by the Universe.

This permits us to dive in and let off something that we were not ready to forego thus allowing us to accelerate faster and move forward.

When our soul voyage is brought ahead in time and position by Eclipses, all we humans can do is barely catch up and this is the reason it can at times be a jolting and discordant experience.

Our experience of the energies of this Cancer Eclipse will be different. But it will also be a profound time when we all will be inspired to let go of something.

After this eclipse, we will have the much-anticipated conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This is a rare alignment and carries transformative and life-changing energy that will decide much of the year ahead.

This alignment between Pluto and Saturn promises to be among the most vital cosmic experience ever. This unique alignment of Pluto and Saturn will uncover many hidden layers.

The alignment of Pluto and Saturn coming near the Eclipse portends a certain heaviness, and there is the likelihood that what we release will transform our lives.

These succeeding occurrences might subconsciously affect us and we need to be tolerant. It might even be the conclusion of the year 2020 before we are able to discern the transformation.

And in the middle, on the 11th there is Uranus going from Retrograde to Direct. The effect of Uranus going straight is bound to clear many things for us. The Eclipse will throw some light too.

All these surfeit of cosmic energy will make us restless and edgy. But it appears that this Universe is intent on showing us our path.

The Sun progresses into Aquarius from Capricorn on the 20th of this month. This will come in like a surfeit of freshness. Aquarius will make us feel a bit light, particularly after being succeeded by a cosmic alignment that is so intense.

The first New Moon of 2020 on 24-25th January under Aquarius carries the power of change and upheaval. This is related to Uranus who we often associate with change and new beginnings.

This change is necessary to discover our strengths. The December Solar Eclipse opened a new pathway and will show what lies in store in the coming months.

The Chinese New Year is also on the day of the Aquarius New Moon. We go out of the Yin Earth Pig year into the year of the Yang Metal Rat. The Rat begins the Zodiac wheel marking a new cycle and new energy in the Chinese calendar.

January is thus a high-intensity month when we need to be extra attentive about our health. We have to be grounded and protect our energy while undertaking self-care. January portends destiny in its energy. We thus need to look at the clues from where it leads us. It will help us know what our own soul wishes to fulfill in this life.

This concentration of energy also points to a raised consciousness at not just an individual but also on a universal scale.

Gradually we are influenced to divert from our ways, to transform our thought process and invest in a new authenticity both for the world and for us. This energy is now in force, but we need to wait before we can witness the results.

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