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Australia Thanks The Brave Firefighters By Lighting Up Sydney Opera House Sales

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by Conscious Reminder

Sydney Opera House’s sails are all lit up to express gratitude to the NSW firefighters. The firefighters have been relentlessly battling the bushfires for many months now.

The sails have been projected with the pictures of the firefighters. This is an excellent way to inspire and be grateful to those who volunteered to offer their services.

Many wishes and thank-you messages by the people who got help from them are also being displayed. Messages filled with goodwill are being poured by people. Other emergency staff of the fire grounds and their works have also been projected on the sails.

Louise Herron said that the sails of the Sydney Opera House are to be lit up for appreciating the firefighters. The bravery and dedication showed by all the other people of emergency services are also praise-worthy.

Australia has been ablaze for many months now and the firefighters keep fighting the bushfires relentlessly. The CEO of the House also said that they wish to send a message to Australians. A message that gives hope and strengthens their will power to fight. It will definitely provide motivation to people in these hard times.

The projections would be left on till Saturday night, 11 P.M. Gladys Berejiklian (NSW Premier) tweeted that they are thankful for all the work done by the volunteers. She also shared a picture of the lit sails of the Sydney Opera House. In the picture, the Sydney Opera House is looking brilliant with the pictures of firefighters running on its sails.

New South Wales’ Rural Fire Service, too, believes the sails to be a tribute for the volunteer’s services. They said that even though there are many agencies involved, the volunteers deserve a special place.

They gave up their time willingly and helped the victims. Not everyone has the courage to step up and offer help, especially in such deathly situations. They could’ve also been safe at home. But they decided to get out and help. And this needs appreciation and applause from all of us.

A separate outdoor gala performance is to take place on 16th March, as announced by the House. It will be held to support the bushfire relief funds. Many comedians like Arj Barker, Urzila Carlson, Becky Lucas, Tim Minchin, Carl Barron, and Julia Morris are to perform. The program is titled ‘Comedy Steps Up For Bushfire Relief”.

The money collected by selling the tickets will be given to several organizations. After all, there is a constant need of ration, medical and other essential supplies for the victims. This program will help in the relief work being done by the NSW RFS, Australian Red Cross, WIRES and Wildlife Victoria.

The lit-up sails of the Sydney Opera House are encouraging the volunteers to do more good. These brave people deserve all the applause and attention – not only of Australia but the entire world. In this hour of distress, any and every help is appreciated. 

Source: 10daily.com.au

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