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Saturn Starts Moving Retrograde April 29th: Karma Is Coming — Time For Paying Debts

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by Conscious Reminder

On April 29th, the Saturn Retrograde will take place at 20-degree Capricorn. It will continue till 18th September and end at 13-degree Capricorn. Saturn decides on the Karma of people.

During the retrograde, the Karma dose will get doubled and will feel very real. When Saturn is in retrograde, time will seem like a menace. The consequences of your past actions will push into the present and determine your future.

Now, you can either be rewarded for it or punished severely. If you had been verbally abusing people in your past, this might be a challenging time.

Plus, if you are pessimistic, then, this time will make drown into negativity further. When Saturn goes direct, then, you will enter a more positive time – especially with regards to home and relationships.

What does Saturn Retrograde mean?

Saturn Retrograde natal is like the strict teacher who has been looking at everything you do and has now arrived in your life with a load of consequences.

If you have been avoiding duties or did not support your parents when you were earning, then this retrograde is the time to get a dose of karma. The fixed star conjunctions and aspects of Saturn retrograde highlight the areas of your life which require extra care.

Saturn is dedicated to hard work. You have to develop yourself in a way that you are strong from the inside. During the natal Saturn retrograde, your moments of sadness and pessimism will become more pronounced. In one way, it is a good thing – you get to know where your sadness originated from and work on it.

Saturn Retrograde in transit is quite a normal occurrence. It lasts for about four and a half months. This retrograde makes you more responsible as you interact with the lessons of Karma.

The negative side of it will affect your dark side – the part that is always put down by sorrow. You will learn more about your sadness and how you can address that issue. Saturn going direct will bring back all your lost productivity.

When Saturn Retrograde Takes Place In 2019

On 29th April, Saturn will go retrograde. The Fixed star, Dhaneb, will have an influence on it. It encourages charity and also, flames the fire of courage and war in you. The Constellation Aquila empowers your passionate side and develops a character in you that dominates and influences others.

When Mercury square Saturn, then, your thoughts and ideas will get intruded by the planetary forces. Negative thinking will make it difficult to communicate your ideas. You will be easily distracted. Don’t let others words affect you during this time.

Pay attention to every little detail when you are engaging in a business deal. Seek professional advice if you have to. The retrograde will pay off karmic debt, so, if you had been rude to other people, you can expect some consequence coming your way. Maybe it’s time for apologies.

Mars quincunx Saturn unleashes the tension present between your desires to do what you have always dreamed of and trying to be responsible. This tension will make you irritable and affect your self-esteem terribly.

When Saturn will sextile Neptune, then you can expect material gains as you move forward in your spiritual journey. Realize your limitations and be more optimistic about how you go about your journey. Your spiritual wisdom will come to your aid.

When Saturn conjuncts with Pluto, get ready to work hard. There might be loss and disappointment along the way. You will have to face a lot of issues and that must be fixed. Criminal behaviors will be penalized. So, when you go through this phase, be true to yourself.

When Saturn will conjunct the South Node, Destiny comes to your help and will bring you back to the right path. You have to let go of any bad habits and start working for your life better.

Saturn going direct

On 18th September, Saturn will go direct. It’s a very positive period for everyone as Saturn will be coming in alignment with a wonderful star. Ascella, the fixed star, brings happiness and the comfort of religion in your mind. Be at peace during this time.

Plus, the Moon will trine Saturn and so, get ready to discover new emotional strength. You will rejoice in traditional values. Your strength will make other people come and take advice from you.

Be strong in your instincts. Let dreams and memories guide you. Since Saturn has a lot to do with your inner self, take the help of a psychologist. Learn more about yourself.

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