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Why Spending Time Alone With Your Own Self Is Very Important

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by Conscious Reminder

People usually view spending time in solitude negatively. When we are lonely, it is always understood like we miss something in life, such as friends, sociability, meaningful connection, etc.

The reality is that the ongoing and chronic loneliness, which happens every day, isn’t good at all. Such loneliness may literally kill. Usually, it occurs to isolated and elderly people, and that is really sad. However, there is a difference between spending some time alone and loneliness. 

Here are the five reasons why it is important to spend some time alone:

It will strengthen our relationship with ourselves.

Loneliness will help us look deeply in ourselves and ask ourselves some questions, such as whether we are happy, what we should improve in our lives, what are our ambitions and dreams, and others.

Usually, we are too focused on or busy with others, so we don’t have the needed time to ask ourselves these questions, in order to nurture the relationship we have with ourselves. We should think if our loneliness stems from our genuine needs for a new friend or a busier and more interesting social life. We should also think if we place too many demands on ourselves and whether we have a lack of self-compassion or not.

Only we can answer these questions, so experiencing loneliness may arise many insightful answers.

It will make us more appreciative and grateful.

Short-term loneliness will be an excellent reminder for us to always be more appreciative and grateful towards those we have in life.

It will remind us how fortunate we are and all the blessings we have. Gratefulness is actually an excellent remedy for unhappiness.  Being thankful every day will bring more contentment and gratitude into our lives, and it will significantly improve our relationships, and also our outlook on our lives generally.

It will push us to reach out to others.

In fact, loneliness may make us reach out to others, either for starting new connections, spending some good time with the partner, or resurrecting relationships and friendships we have neglected.

However, before we begin to fill our calendar with some social engagement, we should ask ourselves if we have to better focus on the loneliness of our “soul” instead.

It may make us appreciate some quality time spent alone.

When we cannot bear our own company, it will be worrying. Every one of us needs to spend some time alone, in order to think and reconnect with our own selves, and simply relax and be. One significant part of our self-esteem and wellbeing would be enjoying our own company.

When we resist loneliness as we hate being alone, we have to start seeing any time we spend alone as something important as the time we spend with others.

Spending time in solitude will help us refuel. Without that time, our relationships will suffer. If we feel lonely when loneliness is not supposed to happen, such as during parties or when we are out with our friends, it will be a visible sign of the need for spending time in solitude.

It is only a part of being human.

So, we can conclude that loneliness does not signify failure. However, if it does, every one of us would be a failure.

This is just part of being human or another experience and emotions which make up the rich tapestry of life. When we finally accept that fact, we may spend some time alone in order to benefit our own lives.

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