February 2019 Astrology: Aquarius New Moon & Virgo Full Moon

by Conscious Reminder

There will be a New Moon happening on February the 5th, falling in Aquarius, the air sign. With the coming New Moon, you will have the chance to focus on your future, what you hope it is going to be like, or what would you like to change.

You can be idealistic a little bit, but also open to new things which have to happen so to make those significant changes or big future you always desired to have.

You can also feel forward thinking and more independent, original, and inventive. You may be honest to yourself, and you may want to be free and have the ability to be your true self. You can even push outside of zones of comfort, and do some things differently, in a new way, but still good and true to yourself.

You may even want to join with other people and focus more on humanity, do everything which can be helpful for other people. As you will have the ability to see further on into your future, you can also understand how people fit together, helping each other.

The air sign Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet which ends its journey in Aries, coming to one specific degree, called anaretic degree, right after the New Moon. The New Moon is going to amplify the attention on the energy of the planet, so you can push even harder for changes, or for joining together, individuality and future too.

There will also be a Full Moon on February the 19th, falling in Virgo, the earth sign. This Full Moon is going to bring you down to reality, making you focus on small details, or the present, that physical world right before you, and a lot more.

You can also focus on getting the things done, on numerous small projects, chores, and tasks, and you have to be very careful when you pick the things apart or even keep yourself from getting something done. It is not supposed to be excellent and perfect, because perfect does not exist, anyway.

The Full Moon in Virgo may also bring additional stress as you put extra pressure on yourself to meet the expectations which are not even possible, or focus on little unimportant things, worrying yourself or becoming an anxious little creature.

You have to step back, relax, take the needed break, and ensure you do not lose sight of your bigger picture. You should always try to possess positive, healthy outlets related to stress.

In fact, this may be excellent energy when taking some of the bigger pictures, or thinking about the future from this coming New Moon, infusing it with several missing details you find with this coming Full Moon.

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