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November Astrology Report: Different Energies

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by Rose Marcus | Cosmic Intelligence Agency 

Venus has recently begun a new 9 month phase within an 18 month cycle. This new phase has had quite kick to it, thanks to Venus in dynamic tension to the karmic axis and in opposition to Uranus.

On a revisit of Libra, Venus retrograde continues to November 16. While in this sign, Venus places more emphasis on social politics, trends, ethics, and values. Justice, diplomacy, morality, and political alliances are at issue. Its time to re-evaluate the contract, the one you made with yourself, with another, the bank, etc.

What we want in contrast to what we get; what competes in contrast to what compliments. Venus retrograde in Libra aims to make the imbalances, enmeshment issues, and the one sidedness of give and take too obvious to ignore.

An important re-evaluation process is well underway. An informing cycle, Venus is retrograde powers up the observational track. The transit is best used to gather feedback and to feel our way along the experience.  It is time to look with the eyes, listen with the heart, and to receive with an open and objective mind, one that is not attached or fixated on a preferred outcome or ideal, but one that takes into consideration a more well-rounded, more encompassing perspective.

Venus has been in dynamic tension to the karmic axis since the start of September when it entered the preliminary shadow phase for its current retrograde tour. Venus is at pivotal peak with the karmic axis and Uranus at the start of November via fixed signs, and the end of November via cardinal signs. The action continues, the volatility and uncertainty does too.

Uranus retrograde revisits Aries: November 6 to March 6, 2019

November 6 is a big day, not only for USA politics, but for the stars. On this day, Uranus retrograde backs into Aries and the karmic axis completes its eighteen-month transit through Leo/Aquarius, to begin its next eighteen-month transit through the Cancer/Capricorn polarity.

November 6 to March 6, Uranus retrograde makes a third and final pass over the last couple of degrees of Aries. It has been working on this stripping process, burn it off, cut to the chase, and stoke the fire mandate for the past year and half. Uranus was at critical cross roads with the karmic axis (transiting nodes) in June of 2017 and is again for the duration of this last pass through Aries. It’s a pressure-cooker aspect, one that is meant to blast through whatever it is that is blocking progress.

Nodal Axis (true node) shift: South node in Capricorn, North node in Cancer: November 6:

Will the Democrats take over the house in the mid-term elections? Will the angry mob be refuelled? Will the deserving get their break?

For the next eighteen months, the karmic axis (south node in Capricorn and north node in Cancer) sets the priority on all matters to do with security and restructuring the reality baseline. It sets an optimized backdrop for the cementing of our evolving priorities and needs. This nodal transit increases the importance of the time passages, of timelines, deadlines, and finish-lines. The transit aims to help us recognize what is worn and outdated, that no longer serves a useful purpose. It is a time to confront the limitations and conditioning patterns that create artificial safeguards rather than true security, to move past the past in a way that builds a more solid foundation for the future. It is a time to authenticate what is truly needed, nourishing, and replenishing. To this end, the nodal transit takes us on a review of our relationship to external authority, i.e. parents, church and state. The next eighteen months are critical for the aging and the young, for family, home matters (real estate included) and national/homeland matters (i.e. domestic production, national safety, boundaries, population and citizenship issues, infrastructures, food production etc.) and the preservation of life on the planet (geophysical, water/aquatic, population matters, food supplies, the food chain, etc.). Saturn, ruler of the south node, and the rest of the stellar pack (most notably outer bodies Pluto, Jupiter, and Ceres) are on their way to the momentous alignment in 2020 (more on that in future writings). Time is precious. Life is precious too. There is no time to waste and much work to be done between now and then.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: November 8, 2018 -December 2, 2019:

On November 8, Jupiter begins a one-year transit of Sagittarius, its home sign. To the plus or to the minus, Jupiter, a future bound archetype, puts everything on the move and on the increase. It is an appropriate transit for all the extras that go along with the holidays. Jupiter in Sagittarius sets us on a more voracious hunt for knowledge, truth, and attainment. It can widen the gap or the distance between you and another or it, between yesterday and tomorrow. During the transit Jupiter in Sagittarius is likely to increase the number of people on the move – i.e., immigrants, the culturally marginalized/victimized, religious persecution, and those displaced via war, politics, homelessness, etc. Abundance comes in all sizes and packages when Jupiter transits Sagittarius. Yes, Jupiter brings good things too. After all it is the planet of pleasure seeking, adventure seeking, sports, travel, and enjoyments. Write a book, tell a story, broadcast, perform, put it out there, go exploring. By all means, let’s play more, let’s laugh more, let’s love more.

Mars in Pisces: November 15 to December 31

Due to a retrograde cycle (end of June through end of August), Mars has been on an especially long tour of Aquarius (since the middle of May). The transit has kept social and personal life matters on shake not stir. Mars in Aquarius has been keeping it edgy, stressful, and uncertain. It’s also an opportunity transit. Hopefully, you have had a breakthrough or few along the way. Over the first two weeks of the month, Venus retrograde and Mars are aligned by trine aspect (at peak on November 9) which makes for better ease regarding relationships, communications, social life, and general activities.

Mars in Pisces, starting November 15 can an ease up or diffusing influence regarding recent stress or pressure. If clarity alludes you, take a pause. Noting that Mercury turns retrograde the next day, it’s a good time to ease up and go with the flow, to play up the romance, to dream a little more and to worry a little less. Catch up on sleep but don’t fall asleep on the job (catch my drift?). Mars is a good transit for drinking it all in, but know susceptibility is increased. You can easily be talked into more than is wise (by another, by yourself.) Keep tabs on consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Mercury in Sagittarius: October 30 – December 28, 2018: 

Mercury Retrograde: November 16 to December 6: (in Scorpio, Dec 1 to 12)

November opens with Mercury freshly into Sagittarius. On November 16, the day that Venus retrograde ends, Mercury retrograde begins. The transit is a good one for pulling back from the overspending or activity overdrive. Both Mars in Pisces and Mercury retrograde are good for taking time out to replenish spiritually or physically. Both transits are also good for avoiding the holiday shopping hype. Aim for quality over quantity regarding everything you do. Noting also that it is cold and flu season, rain or snow season and holiday overindulge time, know both these transits can extract a toll. Pump up your immune system, make sure to travel safe, give yourself plenty of time to get the job done or to your destination, keep extra provisions on hand, and keep safety in mind always. If you don’t get all your Christmas shopping or plans done early, know Mercury retrograde will be out of the way by December 6.

The sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, the USA Thanksgiving. Overall it should run smooth, but a full moon (0 Gemini) ends the day. November 23 can be a “too much”, all over the map, or lose track of it type of day. Plans, good intentions, or communication can get messed up. Do not drink/smoke up and drive. November 24, Neptune stations direct, ending a five-month retrograde cycle.

The month ends as it began, with Venus in opposition to Uranus keeping the action going strong.

About the Author: Agent 300 – Rose Marcus. Rose is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Clairvoyant based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a popular lecturer at conferences in Canada and the USA. Over the years, Rose has written for numerous publications and projects, including the daily forecast column for The Mountain Astrologer, 2007/2008. Her first book, “Insights into Evolutionary Astrologer” was published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010. The subject of her current book project is Chiron.
In addition to producing in-depth articles, monthly forecasts, and podcasts for her website, she is published weekly by Vancouver’s premier entertainment newspaper, The Georgia Straight, which is also available on-line: www.straight.com/life/astrology.  On the last Wednesday of every month Rose discusses the transits for the month ahead on Guiding Stars Radio: www.healthlife.net. Visit Rose’s website for information on webinars and private readings: www.rosemarcus.com

Location: Vancouver, BC
Website: www.rosemarcus.com

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