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Saturn Shifts Into Aquarius & Brings Some Radical Changes

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

After its stay in the earth sign of Capricorn since 20th December 2017, Saturn has finally decided to move into the realms of Aquarius.

But this trip will be a rather short one, from 21st March till 30th June 2020. On 1st July Saturn will Retrograde back into Capricorn. Finally, as the year ends, Saturn will posit itself in Aquarius on 17th December and stay there till 7th March 2023.

While Saturn does bring great growth for everyone, it is considered one of the most challenging planets. Known as the Lord of Karma, Saturn will make us more responsible for ourselves with its many great lessons.

Saturn spends over 2 years in every sign and its energy builds up slowly. But whenever it changes signs, we can all feel the energy of the monumental shift. Since its energy builds up slowly, we don’t immediately recognize its effects on our lives. It is palpable only when we are nearly through with them.

Saturn’s travel in Capricorn was all about making us work through the lessons of our karmic cycle. Usually, Saturn is known to bring a series of repetitive events or they build on previous events.

This leads to the unpacking of karmic bonds so that we can work through our lessons and receive our gifts at the end of it all.

Think of the events that happened in your life back in 2017. Chances are you went through something tragic. As Saturn now shifts to Aquarius, it is time for you to look back and see what lessons you learned back then.

You will notice the themes Saturn has been guiding you on and how they can transform your life for the better now.

Being the planet of boundaries and blocks, we feel held back under the influence of Saturn. By building walls around us, Saturn makes us think about what we truly want in life.

We realize what is worth fighting for and that’s the direction Saturn pushes us towards. When forced to stay in the same place, we can also dig deeper inside and find new truths about ourselves.

As the date for the shift approaches, we will feel the blocks around us vanishing. We will experience freedom accompanied by clarity of thought. If you don’t figure things out immediately as to what your lesson was, you have time till December.

While trying to figure out the lessons Saturn taught us, we will also find the gifts it has left us. All the hard work we put in while Saturn was in Capricorn will reap benefits till December now.

Saturn was at home all this while as Capricorn is the ruling sign of this planet. Saturn was shining its purest energy on us and this will continue even when it shifts into Aquarius.

This is mainly because Saturn was the old ruler of Aquarius and they still get along very well. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was between 1991 and 1994.

Saturn in Aquarius will be about figuring out where we are headed in the future. We will be thinking about the changes we need to make to navigate the new world. Saturn will again build walls and focus on another karmic lesson. But this time, it will be to fuel some radical changes that’ll catapult us into a new way of living.

The Aquarius-Saturn combo will direct our attention to the community, technology, mental health, alternative relationships, and efforts to work together for the greater good.

Our thought processes are controlled by Aquarius. The earthiness of Saturn makes it more concerned about physical reality. As their powers combine, we will be able to manifest our thoughts better now and create whatever we can dream of.

When Saturn moves out of Aquarius in 2023, we will be looking back at these 3 years and realize the many shifts we experienced. It will have changed how we live and how we interact with the community.

We are quite excited about Saturn’s shift into Aquarius. Are you ready to embrace the changes?

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