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Is Your Own Toxicity Making You Attract Toxic People

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by Conscious Reminder

We cannot avoid every toxic person who is around us. But we can try not to engage with them unnecessarily. 

Toxic people can come into our lives when we allow them too much control over us. The other reason why toxic people gravitate towards us is our own toxicity. 

We attract the energy we reflect, so unless our own energy is positive and clean, we will keep attracting negative vibes. If you wish to overcome your own toxicity and get rid of other toxic people in your life, here are a few things you can do:

1. Be Content With Your Life

If you are someone toxic, you will never be satisfied with your life, even if you have everything you want. As soon as you reach one goal, you jump to the next one. You can try to be more thankful for the things you have and be happy with them. It’s great to achieve new goals, but try to be satisfied with what you have first.

2. Overcome Your Jealousy

Since you are not satisfied with your achievements, you easily become jealous of others around you. You need to realize that every person has their drawbacks, even when they appear to be established and successful. Don’t let jealousy blind you.

3. Move On From Your Past

If you are someone struggling with toxic energy, you are probably stuck in your past. You know it cannot be changed, yet it is difficult for you to move on. You keep on wondering about how things could have been different and better. Find the strength within to move on and enjoy your present.

4. Don’t Take Offense So Easily

The negativity inside you gives space to insecurities. This makes you vulnerable and you take things to heart very easily. Sometimes you realize that this is not the way to behave so make sure you work on your anger and control your reactions. Not everyone is out to get you.

5. Ignore Drama

You love to gossip and truly enjoy the attention you get. But is talking behind your friends’ backs really the way to sustain those relations? Why not spread some positivity instead? 

6. Learn To See The Silver Lining

The negativity brewing inside you makes you blind to all the good things in your life. You have people who love you and you have achievements to be proud of. Yet, you are never satisfied with your life. Why not try to find the brighter side of life and be happy?

If you can relate to these points, it is time to make some changes. Even if you are a toxic person, you can always turn over a new leaf. Appreciate what you have and be thankful!

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