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April 2020 Astrology Advises Us To Turn Inward To Start Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of April is going to bring some extremely potent energy from the planets. This entire month we would see planets like Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto being heavily active.

Mars will be all for heightening fired-up emotions, while Jupiter would simply amplify and expand it. Saturn is going to restrict that flow, and Uranus is going to bring a change to it.

This very combination of various cosmic energies is enough to change and rattle things around here, with heightened emotions prevailing. But that’s not all- April brings with itself ample opportunities for progress and growth. 

First things first, Jupiter and Pluto are going to conjunct on the 4th of April. These highly energized planets last met 13 years back, and this time they will conjunct to shine a light on the economy.

You must have already guessed it- the economic limelight would be on a highly global scale, but you would have enough opportunities to grow as an individual in your own time.

You should try to utilize this conjunction and gather all the abundance you have in your life, and sort through them. Or, you could also focus the energy on the things coming in, rather than the things that are leaving.

After that, we will face the Libra Super Moon on the 7th-8th of April. Since this event will be tight and a close one, you would find lunar energy radiating quite heavily throughout the period.

As this Full Moon falls in Libra, we would find ourselves introspecting our relationships. Also, the Full Moon will take it upon itself to guide us through the path we take in our relationship and with our self. 

It is quite natural to feel isolated and alone in the event of a lockdown, but you should take the time to prioritize your health and welfare over anything else. This period can be quite helpful if you know how to go about it. 

After the Libra Super Moon, our Sun would square Pluto on the 14th of April. This will be quite a significant event as we would find our true calling- the power and strength that we have inside us will come to the fore.

But we would be forced to ask ourselves- where does this power come from? And how do we actively use it for the betterment of us and our surroundings?

When we are put into a high-pressure situation like this, it will only help us understand ourselves better. We would be able to bring out the potential inside us, and add our mark to the environment.

After that, the Sun would move into Taurus allowing us a small reprieve. We would find ourselves doing just fine with our lives. We wouldn’t have to worry too much about the direction our lives are taking- for, Taurus would take care of it all.

April 22nd will behold the Taurus New Moon, and this will be a very important feature of this month. With the New Moon bringing forth information that was previously hidden, it is natural for us to be stunned for some time.

But Taurus would help us acclimatize to it all by simply asking us to surrender ourselves to everything that’s happening around us. For once, we don’t have to fight.

Pluto will be retrograde on the 24th of April, but this would be more of an internal struggle than an external one. With the dying light of the New Moon, we might yet still be influenced to change our journey if we don’t truly feel it.

All in all, April would bring about some major life changes that we would be extremely unlucky to not grasp hold of. The movements of the different planets will make sure that you have ample time to chart out your plans and start working for them.

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