Women Are Not The Only Ones Who Walk Away. 3 Reasons Why He Chose To Leave

by Conscious Reminder

Many people in the world have sometimes experienced breakups, and some breakups can be harder than other breakups, as there are people who will not see the breakup coming, particularly from him.

Numerous people like to think that they hold everything under control and when they notice that the things are worsening, they end it right before their partner could.

However, male individuals are humans such like females are, they have their likes or dislikes, feelings, preferences and even a lot of emotions that, sometimes, they do not allow others, including their loved one, see.

Well, the reality is that every person is a simple creature, and it is his or her emotions and understanding them which complicates the things.

Often, there are three basic things which can cause a man to leave his woman, the one he loves.

When the woman understands the reasons, she will be able to put the breakup in her perspective, and it will help her understand the reason for the breakup.

These are the three explanations about why a man breaks up with his woman:

1. He sometimes felt like the relationship was some kind of competitive.

One really significant part of the life of a man is masculinity, so when he starts feeling as there is the need of competing for control in the relationship, he will also start feeling emasculated and inadequate.

However, we don’t say that he has to control the whole relationship, as this is not the way successful relationships work.

In fact, they are created on the basis of the fact which says that both partners need to put 50-50 or even allow each other to actually take control when some situation is adequate to the expertise or skills.

Every relationship is about trusting each other and compromising. But, if this does not happen, the man will never feel that he is worth, and will not open the heart in front of the woman. Competition is not for adults, but it is for children and games. A man can compete with some other male figures, but not with his woman.

2. He sometimes felt like his love was never enough, and that was the reason he felt inadequate.

Well, it is not a surprise that there are men who fear from some emotional pressure, and some of them even escape when they start feeling as if they are pressured.

When the woman asks for more attention, sex, and love, or when she felt that she was chasing him, or when she felt like she was attempting to talk with him to fix some things, again and again, there is definitely some imbalance in their relationship, and the man probably felt pressure, which was the reason for feeling inadequate.

A man has to feel like he is the adequate one and that he is also enough, or the efforts he makes are enough, and it is because of that they ask for trust, patience and time. However, when he is given that, a woman will have the chance to experience all of the surprises he has for her.

3. He felt like he was disrespected.

Above everything, a man has to feel that he is respected and he is never going to be with someone that disrespects him. Another important factor which determines if a man is going to stay in the relationship or not is acceptance.

The man has to feel that he is accepted and also respected. He also has to be sure that the woman in his life is going to have his back in the worst and weakest moments.

Remember that a man is going to commit to the relationships which are built on respect and trust, as he will know that he has solid foundations, so he can even safely open himself to the woman he loves.

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