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Jupiter Is So Close To Earth This Week, We Will Be Able To See Its Beautiful Moons

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by Conscious Reminder

On June 10, Jupiter would be 398 million miles away from Earth, which is eleven million miles nearer than last year.

This would illuminate the giant planet a lot for our viewing, NASA has mentioned.

The premier institute for astrophysics has also said that while Jupiter would be visible to the naked eye in some cities, it is better to use binoculars or a small telescope.

The planet can be seen the entire night, due to it reaching opposition- the point where the Sun, Jupiter and Earth would be in an almost straight line, and Earth would be in the middle.

Monday would turn out to be the best period to gaze at it.

NASA adds, that if we are careful enough, and the sky is clear enough, we can see the 4 biggest moons of Jupiter, while also gazing at the hint of banded clouds that surround the large planet.

While most of Jupiter would be seen with a binocular or small telescope, to see the Giant Red Spot, you need a backyard telescope.

You need to wait for 5 more days for Jupiter to once light up the sky.

After the sun sets on 15 June, gaze at the southeast side above as the Moon would be forming a triangle with Jupiter and another star Antares, located in Scorpio’s constellation.

On 16th June, if you look at the sky in the evening, you would find the same triangle but this time from another angle.

It would highlight the moon on the other side of the massive planet, Jupiter.

The best way to experience this is by keeping away your cell phone. Also, try to get away from the city and all the light pollution, and let your eyes adjust to the all-encompassing darkness.

Great time for you to star gaze. It definitely doesn’t require a degree.

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