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Get Ready! Astrologically Busy May 2020 Is Marked By A Supermoon and 3 Retrogrades

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It might seem unbelievable but we are already halfway through 2020! As the next month begins, the Retrogrades will rule our days, and we will enter the Eclipse Season as the month comes to an end.

This May, the Lunar Nodes are all set to change signs too. It is going to be a major month, with romance and creativity in the air. Let’s look at how May will turn out for us:

Nodes are going to change signs on 5th May

Lunar Nodes are mathematical points between the Moon and the Sun. It helps us find our soul’s purpose on an individual and collective level. The North Node shows where we will be going, and the South Node shows what foundation we have built our world on.

The balance or tension between the two helps us decide how we will move ahead. We want to stay home to protect the family but we also want the outer world to get back to normal.

But the way the Nodes have been placed since 2018 shows us now that our work does not define us. We have been consciously realigning our preferences, and 2020 has does its part to show us what’s important.

On 5th May, the Nodes will be shifting from Cancer/Capricorn into Gemini/Sagittarius, giving our soul a new direction. During this period, we will express ourselves better. Freedom of speech will be on all our minds.

Super Moon in Scorpio on 7th May

There will be a Scorpio Super Full Moon on 7th May. It is a powerful Full Moon that can change who we are, and alter the world that we inhabit. It will be the best time to start being creative and work on building up your creative space.

Saturn Retrograde on 10th May

Saturn spends most of the year in Retrograde and we don’t feel much disturbed by this slow-paced planet. But this time, the Retrograde will be more impactful. This is because Saturn moved to Aquarius this March, and it will be going back through the same constellation this May. So, the events post 21st March may make a comeback. This July, Saturn will shift to Capricorn to deliver the gifts of our karmic actions.

Venus Retrograde on 12th/13th May

Venus will turn Retrograde in the middle of May. Since it Retrogrades every one and a half years, its impact is quite powerful. It will charge us spiritually and help us gain insight into the matters of the heart. It will be a time of forgiveness and healing.

Jupiter Retrograde on 14th May

The Retrograde of Jupiter is all about reflection. The expansive Jupiter will slow down the cosmic energy and help us realize how prosperous our life is. Financial themes from December 2019 will start making reappearances.

Gemini Season starts on 16th-20th May

On 20th May, the Gemini season will start. At the same time, the Sun will be aligning with Alcyone, an eye-catcher in the Pleiades. It will release potent feminine energy that will enhance our creative side and make us more open to interacting with cosmic energy.

New Moon in Gemini on 22nd May

The New Moon will activate the themes of the new Lunar Nodes placement and the themes of the Venus Retrograde. It will also have comparatively lighter energy, which will inspire us.

A new Eclipse cycle is going to begin as the month comes to an end.

May is going to be busy with all the Retrogrades and other cosmic events happening. It will bring about spiritual change, on personal and collective levels.

But how will that affect you?

May is bringing you the intuitive strength to judge any situation around you and to trust that there will be a silver lining. You have to figure out where you wish to go and find a way to get things done.

Let the power of the spirit be with you.

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