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The Spiritual Meaning Of September 22/23 Equinox 

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun will move across our celestial equator on 22nd/23rd September. This will mark the Equinox which brings equal day and night. 

According to astrology, the Equinox will bring the Libra Season that points towards a middle point of our astrological year. This September Equinox will witness a shift in energy steering towards a new direction. We will also find ourselves at crossroads to reach the Sun.

Some people will experience the shift more strongly when the Spring or Autumn season will kick-start. During Spring the energy moves outwards while during Autumn we see an inward movement of energy.

Both Spring and Autumn signify a turning point that ensures transformation. These turning points have been considered sacred by our elders for centuries because change always brings positive energy.

Equinox represents equal daytime and equal night-time. Moreover, Libra also symbolizes equalizing scales that bring balance into our life and establishes harmony.

This September Equinox is the ideal time to check if our body, mind, and soul are in harmony. If not, we must try to bring peace and balance.

Equalising Mental And Emotional Strains 

The first step to bringing balance into our lives is to find out what is creating the imbalance and making us emotionally and psychologically exhausted. We must find new ways to release the tension and embrace new energy by indulging in things that make us happy.

Equinox periods are usually known to provide us calming energy where Mother Nature also assists us in finding peace within. In addition, during Equinox phases, the energy grid or ley lines controlled by Earth find a harmonic resonance. This phenomenon helps us optimize the healing effects bestowed by Mother Nature.

Despite all disturbances and disharmony outside, Equinox always makes sure that we get to spend a soothing time with Nature and soak in all the wonderful healing benefits present on Earth.

We must also remain humble and grounded which will make it easier to get closer to Mother Nature and receive all its beneficial properties. By feeling closer to Earth, we should enjoy all the amazing natural breezes that refresh us from within. We should learn to appreciate the colors of nature.

This Equinox is hopefully going to usher in several unique energy forces that will certainly add new experiences to our life.

Mythic Powers Restore Balance 

Mars will especially be active during September Equinox and add extra motivation that will help us in removing our fears and taking that leap of faith.

MakeMake is a dwarf planet that is also very active and known to be the creator of Rapa Nui which is also called Easter Island. MakeMake also symbolizes fertility and is considered extremely powerful.

According to astrology, MakeMake points towards the immense need to protect the environment that will bring happiness at a collective and individual level. MakeMake is quite far from Pluto that allows the frequency to work on the subconscious level.

Rapa Nui is thought to be found in the deep seas of the Pacific Ocean and this island buzzes with powerful cosmic energies. The myth states that Rapa Nui has colossal statues that weigh more than 14 tonnes and also have mysterious aliens.

These magical stories are now lost to our generation but it is a reminder to honor nature and stay rooted at all times. We must remember our traditions and feel inspired by the magic that surrounds mankind.

This year’s September Equinox is the perfect time to recall these strong myths and get motivated to create a better place for every human being. Restoring harmony and balance is the most significant step in this process.

We must first conduct it on an individual level and move onto a larger platform. 

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