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Astrology Forecast For The June 2022 New Moon In Cancer

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by Conscious Reminder

What do you identify as a “safe place”? It can be a person, a place, or even a state of existence.

Regardless of its form, this new moon will see it call out to you and ask you to settle and shelter inside it. It is one part of the Super New Moon in Cancer that is coming up.

At the same time, there’s no reason not to heed the call. After all, currently, it’s all about being extra. So why not be extra when it comes to keeping loved ones as well as the kid inside you happy?

The natural home of the Moon is Cancer. It is a place associated with nesting, nurturing, tender emotions, apple pie, traditions, and Mom. All these themes are going to have a heightened appeal as they offer a well-needed respite after the tumultuous past months.

The world outside is a bit chaotic so keep to your own tiny corner as well as the people inside it. Feel free to stay home, cuddle with your pillows, and just be comfortable.

Jupiter’s Indulgence And Taking The Initiative

Indulgence is going to be imperative too. The approaching lunation will be making a perfect square with exaggerating, amplifying, beneficent, and indulgent Jupiter. Due to Jupiter’s touch, every Cancerian theme is being transformed into something over-the-top. Expect free-flowing emotions and sentimentality and nostalgia crashing against reason. For once, our side’s grass will look better than the rest.

The rush of emotions caused by this may find you wallowing in it for a bit since it is the way of Cancer. However, there will also be enough motivation to make something happen using them. They will feed into your projects, wishes, and intentions for the New Moon.

Jupiter’s residence in Aries is boosting our potential for emotional wellbeing and the growth of any matter related to Cancer that you kick off during this period. Start the work, be the initiator, and most importantly, be willing to take risks. Be ready to expand your vision in whatever you put into motion. Try to aim higher and bigger and give your all into it.

Other Notable Influences On The Lunation

A major focus is going to be family and children. If they do not feature in your life, then you might encounter them all around you. The spotlight is also going to be on emotional expressiveness. Tears may flow easier, plushies can make public appearances, and you might generally be more expressive and caring.  

Be on the lookout for an urge to improve your environment at home. Follow it through and make the place cozier, comfier, and friendlier to the child within you and anyone else living there. Make the kitchen a place where you would like to spend time. Maybe put your childhood favorites in it.

However, you might encounter people who do not wholeheartedly support your intentions. Some relationships can need extra attention to detail as the phase of the Moon unfolds. Some inner voices may try to put you down, or maybe even keep bugging you to chase better and bigger things. This voice may be external too.

Unfortunately, this irritation is going to be a constant and will only cease when you pay attention to it. A semi-square between the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter is the cause. Its energy gives rise to an itch in a hard-to-reach place but that won’t go till it’s scratched.

Nevertheless, the 2022 New Moon in Cancer is one of the simpler ones. It is much less intense than the other astrological influences that have culminated here so far. This lunation’s focus is nurturing your sense of security, emotions, and home.

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