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A Blue Supermoon in Pisces, August 2023 Will Bring Out the Softer Side of These 4 Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

The full blue moon in intuitive Pisces in August is about to give you a crash course in self-compassion.

This emotionally charged lunation will illuminate the skies at 9:35 p.m. ET on August 30, 2023, or 3:35 a.m. CET on August 31. It will encourage us to tune into our inner world, care for our spiritual well-being, and let go of what is holding us back. It’s also an excellent time to achieve your objectives. The August 30/31 moon will have the least impact on four zodiac signs, which means they’ll have an easier time leaning into their soft, vulnerable side, and they’ll feel extra supported by loved ones.

Full moons are the final act of the lunar cycle in astrology. They also represent a time for emotional release, catharsis, and action. This lunation is noteworthy for two reasons: It’s called a blue moon because it’s the month’s second full moon (the first was on August 1). It’s also a supermoon, giving the moon an extra-large appearance. This lunation, when combined, is especially potent for spiritual work. Most of us are under emotional duress, but for a few zodiac signs, letting go will be a breeze.

Because this full blue moon rises in sensitive Pisces (aka the final sign of the zodiac), it’s an especially auspicious time to let go. This can be a bittersweet full moon that shows us what needs to be dissolved, whether we are ready to let it go or not, because a new chapter is on the horizon and we must start over. Those who are less affected by this emotional full moon will find it easier to manifest their dreams.

If you are one of the four zodiac signs that will be least affected by the full blue moon on August 30/31, here’s how to channel Pisces’ optimism and rise above this turbulent lunation.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Take a step back from the chaos, Aries, and allow yourself to relax — especially if you’re nearing mental exhaustion. This lunation is an excellent time to seek spiritual liberation. One excellent method for connecting with your subconscious? Work on your dreams. Getting more sleep may cause you to have more vivid dreams [that] reveal important messages. Don’t dismiss them as nonsense.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer, get ready to go exploring. This is a good time to get out of your comfort zone, whether it’s physically seeing new sights or mentally diving into new ideas. This full moon will increase your sense of wonder about the world and assist you in discovering more meaning in your life. This lunation is all about keeping an open mind, no matter where you go.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio, you are surrounded by passion and creativity. Enjoy everything that makes you happy. If you’ve been second-guessing yourself, especially when it comes to artistic endeavors, this lunation will inspire you to put doubt to rest. Scorpio will be changing their creative energy channeling by birthing new visions and figuring out how to weave their dreams into reality. It’s also a great time to monetize a hobby. Finally, keep an eye out — romance could be on the way.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn, it’s time to soften up. Though you are usually ruled by logic, this powerful full moon encourages you to listen to your heart instead. It’s a good time to practice empathy and be more mindful of how you express yourself to others. Capricorn will also feel compelled to slow down and find beauty in the smaller, simpler aspects of life at this time.

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