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Neptune Is About To Reveal The Dream World To Us This June

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by Conscious Reminder 

On 11th June, the Sun will form a perfect square with the elusive Neptune, making us all see a higher reality.

This cosmic event takes place at least twice every year. But this June alignment is extra special as it’s taking place right between the two powerful Solar and Lunar Eclipses. And not to forget, June is already hosting a ton of Retrogrades.

Unleash Your Creativity Along With Neptune

Neptune rules the realm of dream and creativity. The soft flowing energy released by Neptune this June will help us all break free from our rigid reality. Neptune will encourage us to dream bigger, and within those dreams, we will find bigger and deeper truths about ourselves.

The planet Neptune is also related to the realm of love and high consciousness. It will guide us to ignite our sixth sense. During the 90-degree square alignment, we will be reminded that the physical world is not everything. Our soul and our subconsciousness are all associated with a higher spiritual realm that can only be reached through the activation of our sixth sense.

Through Neptune’s hazy illusions, we will be influenced to rely more on our intuition and creativity.

Dreams And Illusions

While Neptune will be in a square with the Sun, it’s not a good idea to work on any practical or logical project. Neptune is all about illusions and dreams, through which it gives us a peek of the higher realm. A clarity for worldly things is not its forte.

If you try to make any practical judgments during this time, you will find yourself feeling indecisive. You will also feel a struggle from your logical-conscious self if and when you decide to explore the dream world.

Just remember that Neptune is here to guide you if you decide to take the help. In the illusory haziness, you can find a greater subconscious clarity that will tell you things about yourself that you would never be able to learn from the tangible world.

The Presence Of Neptune Will Veil Information

This 11th June is a high time to focus and rely on your intuitive powers. The dreamy Neptune’s energy can sometimes veil certain information from you. Even if they are right in front of you, you will be so focused in your dream world that you won’t be able to decode the relevant signs.

The best way to tackle this problem is by relying on your gut. Your intuition takes in all the relevant information, that your consciousness does not process, and makes you sense when something feels right or wrong.

With the many Retrogrades and the heavy influence from Neptune, it’s best if you listen to your intuition. Hold off making any practical decisions and instead work on getting in touch with the higher realm.

You might also feel a strong desire to break free and escape, either from your family or simply your reality. You can handle this strong urge by meditating or indulging in creative activities. The downside of this desire is that some may fall into the trap of narcotics. Be aware of this as the pit is endless, and you might have an even harder time breaking your addiction.

Reach out to your family and friends for support. Harness Neptune’s energies and unleash it in your creative endeavors.

Reach out to your lost lover. As Neptune encourages selfless love, you might just end up patching things up.

One way to truly connect with Neptune’s energy is by taking a relaxing bath before sleep. Calm your mind and think about what it is that you would like the higher realm to reveal to you.

Let go, and let Neptune work it’s magic on you.

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