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Tonight’s Ring Of Fire Solar Eclipse In Cancer Will Activate The Powers Of Creation

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by Conscious Reminder

The time is of change and transformation. You might be feeling it already, the level of energy is changing, and change is in the air. Open yourself up and take in the opportunities.

A New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur on 20th to 21st June and will be extra special because it will take place just after the potent Summer Solstice occurs at 0 degrees to Cancer.

As the celestial event takes place 0 degrees to Cancer, the Global Axis will be charged, and a wave of infinite opportunities will come to us.

What Happens When The Global Axis Gets Activated?

The New Moon Solar Eclipse will activate the Global Axis, and that will lead to a new beginning for everyone. It signifies a fresh start, for each individual, and the world. It’s a fresh dimension for us all to transform and thrive.

Our collective consciousness will be renewed as we cross the threshold of 20-21st June. The powerful energies unleashed by the two cosmic events have the potential to change our lives forever. As we shed our inhibitions and change for the better, we will realize that this transformation was much needed.

The most important thing is to keep in view the changes that happen at our individual level and at a global level. While individual transformation is important, the upcoming celestial events aim for a greater goal.

Annular Solar Eclipse Will Create A Ring Of Fire In The Sky

The ring of fire that will form in the sky is symbolic of new creation and destruction.

The shadow of the lunar orb symbolizes the struggles and pains of what’s gone. Along with that, it also represents a pulsating womb that is getting ready for a new beginning.

The fierce ring simultaneously represents the fuel needed to create something new and to end the past.

The beginning signals the end and vice versa. To create something new, we need to destroy what’s already there. This might be a painful experience for some, but trust me, it’s a much-needed change.

This is a great opportunity for you to think about what kind of world it is that you want the future to be. The Annular Eclipse will fuel our soul’s purpose and mission. You can visualize your wishes and harness its energies to bring about the desired change.

Cancer Will Fuel Our Intuitive Powers

Cancer’s energy is intuitive, loving, and extremely nurturing. It will encourage us to feel at home within ourselves. We will be influenced to connect with our inner self and rely more on our intuitions.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse, go within to find your individual truth and the universal truth. Our creative powers will also be heightened during this time.

Remember that the change will occur only once you learn to accept it. Indulge in self-care and keep yourself open to all the new possibilities.

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