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Are You Experiencing Anger As A Spiritual Awakening Symptom

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by Conscious Reminder

Frustration and anger are the two most obvious and immediate spiritual awakening symptoms.

This kind of destructive force actually comes on all of a sudden during the awakening process and is the result of more profound parts of us “waking up” while we empower ourselves.

We all know that anger is actually a low and negative emotion. However, when we learn how to use our anger appropriately, it may be useful for us in the beginning stages of the spiritual awakening process.

The spiritual awakening will move us from our passive state to our active one

This awakening process will take us from un-awakened to the awakened state. Because some parts of our consciousness awaken during the process, they will go from the passive to the active state. That means that everything we was “putting ourselves up with” rapidly becomes what we will no longer stand for.

In fact, anger is not arriving with our spiritual awakening, but it has always been present. We simply did not act on that anger before as we were still not awakened.

Anger will drive self-empowerment

In fact, anger happens when we are pushed quite too far. We will respond with great anger when people cross the lines, or when situations become unbearable, in order to empower ourselves.

Anger will empower us to dissociate from people that cross the line or to leave unbearable situations. Spiritual awakening relates to self-empowerment. In fact, it will be about controlling our consciousness in order to be able to control our lives.

Anger versus love

There are people who do not agree with others using anger because it is an emotion with low frequency. Rather than that, they prefer using love and kindness, together with some other gentle emotions and strength.

However, for those of us that are going through the process of spiritual awakening, self-empowerment will be the fundamental thing.

Sometimes, we may stay in a situation or stay connected with someone as we love him or her – although we know that we are supposed to leave.

Getting this in the appropriate way is also essential. We have to love ourselves first so that when we act with love, the results will be the same as when we act with anger.

But, a lot of people during this particular spiritual awakening stage have yet in order to accomplish self-love, which means that if they act with love, that will mean staying in unbearable situations.

When expressed healthily, the use of anger during the process of spiritual awakening will be quite an appropriate way in which we can gain self-empowerment too.

Expressing our anger healthily

As we already said, anger represents a strong emotion; however, the low vibration it has will give it certain harmful and damaging side effects. In fact, it would be significant to express our anger healthily in order not to harm others.

We should use words just to express our anger – we can use some wise words which we have thought before. A lot of things are said when we talk while we are angry, which are not true but have the intention to hurt others.

Expressing our anger in a healthy way will be about expressing ourselves and telling others how we feel or what has to change for us in order to feel in that way.

In fact, anger is all about the self-empowerment; however, that would be power over ourselves and not over other people.

We should utilize the anger which comes during the beginning stages of the spiritual awakening process in order to free ourselves of the passivity, taking back the control over our destiny.

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