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Catch The Vibe Of The May’s Full Moon With These 3 Powerful Crystals

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The intense Full Moon happening in the sign of Scorpio this month is about to come. It is going to bloom brightly tomorrow, Saturday, the 18th of May.

The watery sign Scorpio is said to have sharp, secretive, and passionate energy, possessing a huge emotional depth. The energy of this sign will force us to look at the truth – we cannot hide from it, as our moon, which rules emotions transits through this transformative and powerful sign.

The Full Moon of tomorrow will have the power to transform negative things into positive. It will be the time to put some light on the repressed feelings, or dirty secrets, or some other skeletons which were happening around us. We will have to let go of our past. We will also have to face hidden truth which we were avoiding.

These are the three crystals which vibe excellently with the energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio:


This other-worldly and cosmic crystal looks like any regular rock; however, upon inspection, this stone shines and shimmers with beautiful shades of gold and blue, like the sky during the evening.

It helps in different spiritual endeavors, including rituals about connecting with our higher selves or our intuition. This Full Moon will make us face some hidden truths, and this crystal will be the perfect companion which will guide us on the spiritual journey with it.

How can we use it?

We can simply keep a small piece of this crystal with us during the lunar cycle weekend, as it may help us tap into all its transformative energies if we want to. In that way, our inner magical powers will surface.


Onyx is the classic crystal for the vibes of Scorpio, and working with it under this lunar cycle makes it the perfect one. Just like the propensity of Scorpio toward intensity may be a sword with two edges, the powers of the dark, mystical, and deep onyx stone can be the same.

During the centuries, some metaphysical practitioners appreciated all those contradictory powers that onyx possessed and learned how to harness the negative traits it had, in order to achieve some positive results. It is a highly powerful and protective stone, which will help us to connect with the nighttime and lunar energy.

How can we use it?

This stone is excellent for spiritual work, psychic development, and even dream work so we can utilize it in some dream ritual the same night when the Scorpio Full Moon happens.


This is a purifying and grounding crystal, which may help us and guide us towards the most sensible and simplest paths which lead towards our most outlandish and wildest dreams. It is not only going to repel negative energies, but it will also send them back to those that own them.

Daunting prospect may be somewhere ahead on our spiritual journey, but when we live our lives with the fullest potential and force of our soul and the soul’s true desires, we have to prepare for our dreams to start manifesting into reality. The bronzite has a double power to keep us grounded while at the same time, gassing up our self-esteem.

How can we use it?

We can perform a charging and crystal cleansing ritual with our bronzite in order to program the stone with our intention during this Full Moon. We can set our intention by bringing consciousness to our heart with several deep breaths.

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