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Full Wolf Moon In Leo On 21st January: Deep Impact On Your Private Life

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by Conscious Reminder

This new year is off to a beautiful start with the upcoming Full Wolf Moon that is set to occur on the 21st of January, 2019.

This moon will be located in the first degree of Leo. Feel free to throw back your head and greet the Full Moon with your inner howls as it climbs to its zenith at 12:16 AM EST on 21st January.

This particular Full Wolf Moon will also be subject to a complete lunar eclipse and is also a blood moon. This is because the Full Moon will take on a crimson hue due to the rays of the sun being scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere before they reach its surface.

With a Full Moon, a Blood Moon, and a total lunar eclipse all happening together, just imagine the amount of energy that will radiate on all of us. Be prepared to accept this energy and to use it to its fullest positive potential.

More powerful than your usual full moon, this time the lunar eclipse will turn the influence of the moon towards your familial ties. You’ll have the opportunity to step back and critically evaluate the bonds you share with others. Greater awareness of your own goals and desires will help you see which of your relationships are holding you back.

Along with these factors, it is also important to note that this is a Full Super Moon. The energy radiating from this moon is going to be very intense. When the Moon stands at the point where it is closest to the Earth, it appears to be bigger and brighter.

The indigenous tribes of America referred to this as the Full Wolf Moon because wolves would howl near their settlements out of hunger. This particular Super Moon is only the first of the three we will see in 2019.

Since this is the start of a new year, clearly visualize what you intend to accomplish in the coming months under the bright light of Full Moon. There is great astrological significance to be found in the Wolf Moon so unleash the wolf that lives inside you and feel its power.

A Full Moon allows you the opportunity to cleanse yourself and start over. When that night comes, pray before you sleep to your Angels and your Spirit Guides and ask them to guide you in your dreams. When you wake up, note down everything you can recall about your dreams and start meditating on what they could mean.

You can conduct this simple rite to pray for the protection for your home and your family. After lighting a white candle, pray out loud:

“I now ask to be surrounded by God’s Divine White Light, with my Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, I ask the Archangels and Angels to continue to protect my loved ones and me. Surround me fully and completely with Your Divine White Light.”

Even if you aren’t situated in a place where the moon will be visible, don’t worry. The moon is up there regardless of whether it is visible to you or not. When the Moon enters Leo, you will feel like you need to tell people about your emotions. You’ll find that you wish to express your affection and gratitude. You’ll start looking for romance even if you didn’t previously intend to do so.

Before a new beginning, there must always be an ending. Take the Full Moon and use its light to showcase all that you’ve achieved before. Use the time to get closer to those you love and to forge new ties. If new opportunities come your way, don’t hesitate to reach out and grab them.

The moon can be as majestic and as sly as the wolf and it symbolizes the subtler elements of progress. You will find powerful resources hidden within you so do not hesitate to unleash your true self.

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