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Virgo Super New Moon On September 17th: Embrace The Healing Powers Of Mother Nature

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon that will rise on the 17th of September is the first in a series of New Moons. There are three Super New Moons that would grace our skies in the next couple of months.

The consecutive Super Moons are then going to take us to a point in December where we would chance upon the Total Solar New Moon Eclipse. This event is said to initiate new beginnings for everyone.

New Moons are symbolic of the start of a lunar cycle. Therefore, it is no surprise that these Super Moons, which will take us to the Eclipse would herald a new shift in paradigm.

This period is going to be extremely important to us. We have been transforming and transitioning the entire year, making this event quite bountiful for us.

This New Moon in September is also going to bring about a new event called the ‘Moon Wobble’. This basically means that the Moon is going to be aligned perpendicularly with the Lunar Nodes. Considering this event is surely going to heighten our senses, we might start feeling wobbly at times.

Although these Moon wobbles bring about major changes in our consciousness and increase our awakening, they can make us unstable in the beginning too. Yet, since this year has been nothing short of unstable, we might just succeed in dealing with the Moon Wobble instability.

With the Mars Retrograde already in position, the instability may get unfair mileage. It can lead to people lashing out to get rid of the frustration inside themselves.

But, remember, it doesn’t always have to be so. You can simply choose not to focus on the negatives and instead look towards the brighter picture. Your consciousness doesn’t have to manifest amidst the turmoil.

It can be very easy to get sucked into conflict. But we aren’t just human beings, are we? We are divine beings who are connected to each other via love.

And this part of our existence can never suffer any blemishes. While our physical manifestation might succumb to the miseries on our plane, our spiritual self is simply connected to every other being in the Universe.

If we manage to remember this tiny little bit of information, we would be able to raise our vibrations to a whole new level. And this will help us in more ways than one. For, the entire planet would rise up to a much higher state of consciousness.

All that is left for us to do is use the creative energy that surrounds the Super Moon to help us in our journey, Now, it is up to us whether we want to use the energy of the Moon in fuelling the light or the dark.

The upcoming months will really shake our resolve and convince us to give in to the dark, but you need to keep your head towards the light.

Since Virgo resembles the healer, you can’t go amiss by trying to get the warm, healing energy from the food that you eat, and the vibes that you receive from the Moon.

Also, Virgo rules over our digestive system, meaning it is time for us to eat clean, healthy, and make sure that our guts are cleared. We can only have a fresh mind if we have a fresh and empty gut.

This also brings us to maintaining the emotional balance within ourselves. It can get very easy to let loose and wear our emotions on our sleeve. But it shouldn’t be so. If you don’t want energy blockages as a result of unresolved emotions, take your time to understand what you feel.

Use the energy that Virgo New Moon brings out, and make sure that you are not getting into a habit of insecure thinking. Find a place for yourself, which helps you regain your trust.

The September New Moon is going to protect you from the ravages of the Universe. But on your part, you need to stop being afraid.

Take a confident step forward. Deal with things that have troubled you and realize that a new beginning is just down the road.

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