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Get Ready! July Is Bringing A Powerful Energy Shift

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 has been a whirlwind of change. Don’t worry if you can’t wrap your mind around it. The change and transformation that’s taking place are bigger than all of us.

Several celestial events are going to take place. Here’s what you should expect!

Saturn Will Re-enter Capricorn This 1st Of July

As Saturn moves backward, it will re-enter Capricorn and will remain in this zodiac till the end of December. We will see issues from March rise again. What will happen is that we will encounter past issues that haven’t been closed.

Sirius Will Align With Sun From 2nd Till 7th July

The coming Sirius Getaway is prime spiritual time. The magical Sirius will be in perfect alignment with the Sun. As Sun gives us light, energy, and fills us with life, Sirius’s getaway will rejuvenate our soul.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn Will Take Place On 4th-5th July

This will be the final Eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn cycle and of this season. Everything that we have been working on since 2018 will come to fruition. It will be an excellent time to shed our old self and detox our souls.

Chiron Retrograde To Occur On 11th July

The healing Chiron will begin its Retrograde on 11th July and encourage us to find resilience. While the process of healing can be tiring, Chiron will influence us to take in the Cosmic powers, and become a better version of ourselves.

Mars Conjunct Chiron On 13th July

Mars will align with Chiron and encourage us to find our inner warrior. This is because time will get a little chaotic once Mars aligns with Erie and Black Moon Lilith. We will need to strengthen our inner core to deal with combative and fiery energy as Mars moves on.

Sun Opposite Jupiter On 14th July

The time will be of expansion and abundance. But beware, Jupiter will be in Retrograde at the spot where Saturn Pluto Conjunction happened last January. We might see older themes from last January make a comeback. Hidden issues will be revealed.

Mercury Direct On 12th July

Mercury started its Retrograde on 17th June and will return to its normal speed on 12th July. We will experience cleaner air and greater clarity with this event.

New Moon In Cancer On 20th July

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings. We will all feel inspired to set fresh goals under this Lunar event. However, Saturn will be active during this time, which means that we might experience some harsh energies. We might feel pressured to take action.

Leo Season Will Begin On 22nd July

Leo season will begin, and we will all feel the power of this sign under the influence of the Sun. We will be encouraged to sparkle and radiate our inner selves.

Mars Will Enter Its Shadow Period On 25th July

The planet will slow down its pace as it gets ready for its Retrograde, which will happen in September. This is the time to be active and finish our projects because once Mars starts it’s Retrograde, we will feel sluggish.

Venus will Leave Her Shadow Period On 28th July

As Venus starts her new cycle, our lives will become more active. She will also enter Cancer soon, which will calm us.

July is filled with Cosmic events, are you ready for it?

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