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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Feel The Intensity Of Mars Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The cosmic activity is quite intense right now. Mars Retrograde 2020 started on 9th September and will be active till the 13th of November.

Its effects will be in the air for the next few months. This time can get exhausting and frustrating for us all. But four zodiacs, in particular, need to watch their steps the most.

Traditionally, Mars Retrograde manipulates anger, ambition, and passion. This is why a lot of us will feel overwhelmed before taking any action. Major projects that we have taken up recently may also be delayed due to a lack of motivation.

Here are the four zodiacs that will be affected the most during this Mars Retrograde 2020.


Mars rules your zodiac, so you will feel its energies more than anyone. This can cause extreme exhaustion and a lack of motivation. You might also be confused as to what your future goals are. The best thing for you to do during this time would be to simply relax. Take care of your essential needs rather than focusing on future endeavors.


Social connections are a huge part of your life. However, during this Mars Retrograde, trying to establish social connections can become a source of tension. The best thing for you to do during this time would be to meditate and reflect on your actions. Remember, talking your issues out is the only way to get past them.


Traditionally used to rule your zodiac. This is why you might feel like you are not in control anymore during this Retrograde. You need to think before taking any rash decisions. Meditate, and get in touch with your inner self. It will help you to take concrete steps towards a better future.


The Mars Retrograde might bring out some old resentments. This surge of emotions might make you want to lash out. When you feel these negative emotions, simply stop and breathe. Call upon your inner patience and calm yourself down.

Mars Retrograde will be a time of sluggishness. So, the best thing to do would be to not push ourselves too much and instead focus on pausing and self-reflecting.

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