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This April’s Lyrid Meteor Shower Is Peaking Tonight And Would Be The Best Thing You Have Seen All Year

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by Conscious Reminder

The Lyrid shower has already started, and it would last from the 16th of April to the 25th of this month. It  is an annual event and this year it will reach its peak on the 22nd of April, with little to no intervention or influence from the waxing moon.

It would be a sunny morn, when the peak would lit up the sky in a thousand glittering lights, as it passes by the earth. The most surprising thing about this: you can experience it anywhere. No matter the place you are at, and no matter your condition, you just need to peer into the sky to witness it.

Also, it passes by very slowly, taking almost 415 years to orbit the sun. Recorded since the last 2700 years, this meteor shower is quite simply one of the oldest meteor showers that have been witnessed by mankind, and the euphoria of this has still not gotten down.

Even though meteor showers are notorious for being unpredictable just like your cat, they more than make up for it with the beauty they present, again like your cat. This year, the forecast deems it to start from the constellation Lyra, which would be its radiant point, and would be pointed towards the brightest star of this season- Vega. It would be tough finding it, but once the showers start, there is no looking back.

The star Vega would slowly creep overhead from the Lyra constellation around 9-10 pm at the Northern Hemisphere clock, where the meteors would streak from it. It would be so high, that it would feel akin to a shower of a thousand glittering lights, all brightening up the sky.

It would continue through the night and before the sun rises, it would completely dazzle the sky in its showers. Considering the fact that the moon would be hidden from sight, this meteor shower would be one of the most aesthetic visions this year.

Why such exuberance, you might ask. Well, the Lyra constellation is famous throughout the world for having magical qualities. They would be used by Hermes, the Greek God, and this musical instrument, akin to a modern day guitar, would magical entwine all the animals and living creatures into its soothing melodies. Star witches, or rather practitioners of Star magic are elated about this meteor shower, for it brings the magical properties of Apollo, the God of Art.

Dating back to the Greek and Mesopotamian age, Star magic has always remained a public favourite due to the innate amount of power they carry. This could also be the reason due to which so many magicians try to tap into the powers of the stars to perform tricks of wizardry, and exactly why this particular meteor shower has always been held in high regard, for the power they unfold is humongous.

This might affect normal individuals too. People with a penchant and affinity towards stars may feel their energy levels fluctuating again and again during this period.

Are you excited about the Meteor shower? Let us know.

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