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Light Workers & Their Significance

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by Conscious Reminder

Commonly known as earth seeds, or indigos, Lightworkers are supernatural beings sent to earth as humans in order to heal. Anyone can be a light worker as all of them have a mission to fulfill.

Incidentally, we have all taken up the mantle of working as a lightworker and get reincarnated as a human around the year 2000. This means that our points of healing lies around the 21at century. And our work has strategically been to spread positive energy, while dissipating negative consciousness.

The greatest work of lightworker is done mentally and spiritually. So, if under some circumstance the lightworker is unable to work to the best of their abilities, their powers of healing get thwarted. And this increases the mass hysteria, or fear that gets accumulated over the centuries.

In the case of terrorists and other perpetrators of evil, a lightworker needs to make sure that they do not succumb to the collective consciousness of the society and get disgusted or afraid.

They need to keep sending positive love and energy continuously in order to bring about a change in society. Any feeding to the negative energy would simply increase it.

Despite resistance to people and their fear, a lightworker shouldn’t ever react to them negatively. It is human nature to be afraid of what they don’t understand. And, bringing into account the power lightworkers have, they would be able to form a bond of trust and love, as long as they believe in it themselves.

Every day in our lives is a learning curve for us, as we get to experience different situations and learn to adapt to them. This also helps us in our dealings with people who later become our clients, or friends, or even family.

But, we should remind ourselves that our cause on earth can only be meted out if we let go of petty emotions and ego that would do nothing but jeopardize our entire life’s work. For it all depends on how well we are willing to accept the rule of love, and be centered in it for as long as we live.

Lightworkers are called upon to work for the betterment of society, be it in spiritual healing, emotional healing, mental guidance, teaching etc. Those involved in spiritual healing are the ones that truly work on the self. As in, they help individuals grow from an ego to their full self. They can also bring forth other worldly beings to help them in their task.

One’s inner guide is what tells them to go forth a certain path, be it educational or training. And when one starts treading upon it, they call forth the universe to help them in that path, be it in paying the fees, or finding the best course to dwell upon.

The universe brings forth the best teachers, and when one’s education is complete, the universe calls upon other inner guides to send their individuals in as students.

Every light worker has a specific journey to walk upon, for which they are called for. Some might be brought for healing in the spiritual plane of existence, while others may be called at the ego plane of energy and matter.

In the sector of energy healing, the lightworker would be able to use their psychic tuning abilities to tune into their client’s problems. They might also bring in psychic healing, which would zero in on the emotional and psychological problems that are harming a client.

While the topic of psychic abilities might remind one of a fortune teller, the work of a light worker goes deeper. They are healers, and their ability to see into the life of their client and find out their passion, distress, ambition and secret is simply in order to alleviate their problems, and not earn money.

In the end, all one should do is behave with someone, the way they would want to be behaved with. All spiritual and religious texts focus on the same motto of doing onto others, what one would love to do unto themselves.

So, we can all agree that treating other with the respect that they deserve, is what will give us the respect we deserve.

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