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Single Dad Adopts A Baby Girl With Down Syndrome After Being Rejected By 20 Families

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by Conscious Reminder

In a story of courage, compassion, and love, Luca Trapanese adopted a baby girl suffering from Down syndrome.

The baby girl was only 13 days old when she faced 20 rejections because of her condition. Thankfully, this Italian man saw the lovely baby girl and gave her a loving home.


Luca was only 43 years old when he adopted Alba. And besides being a single dad, he has also crushed many other stereotypes.

He is openly gay in Italy, a highly religious Catholic country. But the difficulties did not deter him from living his life with his true self.

He always wanted to be a father. And when he told the adoption agency of his plans, the authorities told him that it would be difficult for him to adopt a healthy child.

Although not the ideal response, Luca didn’t mind. He believed that a person is a person, no matter what.


Soon, Luca was going to meet Alba, and his life would change forever, for the best. After Alba was born, her mother gave her up for adoption because she suffered from Down syndrome.

The sweet child had been shown to 20 families, but none of them gave a positive response. On the 13th day of Alba’s existence, Luca received a phone call from the adoption agency.

The authorities told him about Alba and explained her story to him. It didn’t take long for Luca to respond. Of course, he wanted to provide a loving home to baby Alba. He had been waiting to be a father for so long that he could not hide his excitement.

Even during his teenage years, he had volunteered to take care of special needs children. And so, Luca felt as if he was destined to father baby Alba.


Luca said that as soon as he held baby Alba, he knew he was as ready to be a father as he can be. He felt love and joy rush through him.

Recently, Alba celebrated her 3rd birthday, and the family looks adorably happy. Luke frequently posts cute pictures of himself and Alba on his Instagram account.

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