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Today Mercury Is In Retrograde And You Should Take Things Down A Notch

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by Conscious Reminder

We started feeling the first strong influence of this winter’s Mercury Retrograde on the 9th of February and the energies will stay the same until a week after the planet of communications starts moving direct. 

This Retrograde begins in Pisces, after which it moves back to Aquarius on 4th March, roving in that sign for almost 6 days.

Since Mercury is moving through a Retrograde in Pisces from 17th February to 4th March, one would be beset with confusion regarding what was fiction and what was not.

As it stands, Pisces is always about illusions and facades- you never know when the fog wouldn’t mold into another fog and lead you to your downfall.

Just bear in mind that if you actually want something to come out of your conversation, you need to wait till March.

This period might see you trying to convince people of your beliefs which might fail spectacularly. With the Retrograde working against you, maybe you could try not shoving your ideas down someone’s throat?

At the end of the day, your nagging might lead to them simply brushing you off or them making a half-hearted promise that they have no intention of seeing through.

Wait for a while, let the dark clouds pass by, and then press your opinions. You could be honest to yourself as you laid down your proposal but someone might actually feel manipulated.

When you have finally brought down your communication frequency to the barest of minimums, you need to start monitoring your tech stuff as Mercury roves through Aquarius between March 4th and 10th.

The situation might not be that dire, but one ought to have some control over there devices. Proper care is essential when dealing with modern technology, irrespective of Mercury Retrograde.

Be careful to not drink liquids around your laptop, and also take proper care that your Bluetooth device is switched off when in public.

When all these have been resolved, it is time for you to get back on track with your team. Know that arriving at a mutual conclusion could be quite difficult, so there are two things you can do- one, where you simply postpone meetings until this astral event has passed.

Or, two, where you establish ground rules before you begin the meeting. Ask for constructive criticism, and don’t entertain trolls.

All the best navigating the first Mercury Retrograde of the 3 scheduled for the year!

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