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9 Signs That Indicate You Have Found Your Twin Flame

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by Conscious Reminder

Every relation we create in our lives teaches us many things. But it the twin flame relationship that teaches us the most important lessons.

This intense relationship can have its share of hardships, but it will be all worthwhile in retrospect. A twin flame is supposed to be the other part of your soul, separated at creation. They reflect your flaws and strengths, which makes the relationship rather difficult at times.

Here are 9 signs you have found your twin flame:

1. Instant Connection

When twin flames meet for the first time, there is an instant attraction and recognition. You feel like you have known them for a long time, although you have just met them.

2. Twin Flames Are Complementing Souls

Mirror souls are like Yin and Yang. Apart from your similarities, you complement each other in your differences. Whatever one lacks, the other complements perfectly.

3. Insecurities Are Amplified

The purpose of a twin flame is to help you with your higher purpose. And in that journey, they need to highlight your deepest insecurities and doubts. That will help you work through them and heal yourself.

4. Magnetic Energy Of Twin Flames

Apart from the instant attraction, twin flames constantly feel the other’s magnetic energy pulling them when they are apart.

5. A Tumultuous Relationship

Contrary to common beliefs, twin flame relationships are not perfect. You are constantly confronted by your shortcomings as you see them in your twin flame. It is challenging, but it aids your soul growth.

6. An Intense Twin Flame Relationship

With high emotional charges, twin souls connect on a deeper and more intense soul level.

7. Divine Intervention

When you finally find your twin soul, there will be an air of divinity. You will realize that you have met your twin flame through a higher power, which strengthens your bond.

8. Psychic Connection Of Twin Flames

Twin flames can connect and communicate on a psychic level. You can sense each other’s emotions and thoughts easily.

9. Striving To Be Better Together

While twin flames challenge us, they do it to push us to be better versions of ourselves.

Now that you know what are the signs of meeting your twin flame, here are the 6 stages your twin flame relationship will go through:

1. First Meeting

Before you meet, you will yearn for your twin flame. And once you do come together, you won’t be able to stay away anymore.

2. Honeymoon Phase

Like most other relationships, twin flame relationships too, have the initial honeymoon phase. You rediscover each other and enjoy a really lovely time.

3. Initial Challenges

When the honeymoon phase comes to an end, your core wounds start to emerge. The challenges you two face are part of the soul work you need to do to grow.

4. The Chase

As insecurities rise, the test phase starts. When one feels overwhelmed, they try to escape their twin flame. One separates, and the chase begins.

5. The Surrender

While separated, both of you work on your insecurities. A time will come when you are ready for each other and surrender to your destiny.

6. Reunion

As you realize the importance of the twin flame relationship, you yearn to reunite. It could be months or years, but twin flames will often come back to each other. This reunion comes from maturity and a better understanding of each other.

While many people confuse twin flames with soul mates, they are not the same. A soul mate can come in various forms. But your twin flame is the other half of your soul. It is essentially a part of you. Soul mates also have a deep bond and many similarities with twin flames, but they are not a part of your soul essence.

Your soul mate will bring you closer to your authentic self. Soul mates are not always romantic partners and come in the form of pets, family, and friends.

Twin flame relationships require a lot of work, like most other relationships. It is as much about the partnership as it is about individual growth. Have you found your twin soul yet?

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