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Sacred Jewelry And Its Healing Powers

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by Conscious Reminder

Looking beautiful and feeling the same has been an ancient connection. Man has worn pieces of jewelry to look even better – it was made of animal bones and teeth, shells, stones, and wood.

It is a symbol of status, power, or mysticism. It is a part of the tradition and plays a pivotal part in the social role of a person. Sometimes, the jewelry acted like a totem, creating groups or even distinguishing one from the other.

Sacred jewelry is used in rituals or ceremonies because it channelizes the healing properties and helps in spiritual regeneration. A lot of myths have grown surrounding these pieces of adornment.

The Turquoise stone is supposed to keep away the evil eye. An Arabic tale tells that turquoise stones glow when the wearer is ecstatic and to become opaque when the person is dejected.

Another popular fable is that the little bells in Arabic jewelry would create a sweet sound which wards off evil spirits and protect the wearer.

The Phoenician influence

The Phoenicians living around Lebanon were great navigators.  A lot of factors played into creating the particular skill set – crossing the famous commercial route between the Mediterranean of the West and the vast territories of the east made them utilize their talent.

Not only did they prosper financially but explored various means of livelihood. New techniques of goldsmithery and pottery came into being. The art came to the limelight owing to the trade and it was influenced by Greeks, Etruscans, and Africans.

The material for the sacred jewelry could be anything from glass to wood and of course metal. The methods of weaving, dyeing and using ceramics improved manifolds.

Back in the Middle Ages, sacred jewelry was an art form concerned primarily with religious beliefs. The scapulars, crucifixes, and reliquaries were used by both the male and the female. The guild system was introduced and it added variety to the jewels. The jewelry became a symbol of status and class identity. Special laws or etiquette was framed as to the proper use of sacred jewelry.

As circumnavigation was introduced and America was discovered, there was a boom is the supply of gold, silver, and gems in Europe. The Royal Families of Europe would wear several rings in each of the fingers and even overlap necklaces.

New innovative pieces like pendants, earrings, brooches, jewelry for hair and hat became the tradition slowly and steadily. Hat accessories were made of enameled gold, with elaborate mythological or religious motifs.

The Magical Circles

Ornaments, charms and many trinkets were used as protection devices. Most of the amulets and talismans were essentially energetic batteries, reconnecting the soul with the universe.

They blended the power of symbol and of the materials like carving sigils, or sacred geometric shapes into semi-precious stones and crystals. These unique pieces attract specific energy vibrations that one wishes to herald into their lives. It could be more peace, health, prosperity – any emotion that is coveted.

There were also Secret societies where the symbols on the decorated medals invoked the driving force of their association but also the primeval energies they are a part of.

These jewels created lasting bonds and are often reminders of the greater picture. They had power because people believed in them.

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