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Use These Ways To Harness The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal Energy Opening This Weekend

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by Conscious Reminder

The last week of July and the first week of August are when the Lionsgate Portal is active. This is a result of the alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Sirius, the bright star.

Leo season is swinging in full force now, so let’s prepare to make the most of this Portal as the energy peaks on 8th August. This is a potent portal, so make sure you harness the power of the cosmic king of the jungle.

Double Feline Powers

Be it cats or lions, they always echo independence and confidence. The activation of the Lionsgate during the Leo season means twice the impact of the feline powers. You will find inner confidence now, which will help you speak your mind. Roar like the lion. Forget what others might think and express what you have in your heart. Many changes are underway, so this is a good time to harness Lion’s energy and express your feelings.

But lions also purr softly when they are in their comfort zone. This is associated with a sense of serenity and safety. You can try to copy this in your morning affirmations and feel at one with your surroundings.

Have Fun And Take Rest

Leo season asks us to free our inner child. It can be indoors or safely outdoors but don’t be shy of adventures now. The sun is shining to make great memories. And when you explore unknown areas (not just physical), you can gain new perspectives with Lionsgate energy. It can be related to your mundane household chores, or it can help you solve a work-related problem with a fresh outlook.

While you get busy with the energies now, don’t forget to get enough rest. Lions are known for resting and sleeping for great hours. This enables them to save energy for later when they are out hunting. Try to find your zen place- a place without any distractions. Find your restful moments and enjoy them fully this Leo season. This will recharge you for your next adventure.

Solar Power

The Sun is extremely potent now. We are spending months stuck at home, so it is necessary to get our daily dose of Vitamin D from the burning star. When you are out in the sun basking in its glory, it will remind you of the motivation you have within you. Think of ways to tap into your core and embody the energy of the Sun in your daily life.

Extend Your Light

While the Lionsgate energy is a lot about improving your personal life, don’t forget to radiate this inner light onto others. You will have the urge to inspire others as the energies get a hold of you. There is enough for everyone, so don’t be shy about sharing. You can radiate this light by expressing your vulnerabilities, sharing something personal, or even asking others for help. The Sun is honing our leadership qualities, and that means working with the community.

As we near the Lionsgate Portal alignment taking place on the 8th, tune in to your body. We are collectively ascending to a new consciousness, and you will feel its sensation in your body. As you get ready for a shift, you might feel frustrated and anxious over things you cannot exactly lay your finger over. But know that you are shifting to a new level. Absorb the energies of the Leo season and the Lionsgate Activation, and let it lead you to a happier life.

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