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August 2020 Is Jam-Packed With Cosmic Events; Here’s What You Should Expect

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by Conscious Reminder

We are in the eighth month of this tumultuous 2020. If you felt like things weren’t moving fast enough, tighten your seatbelts.

August is jam-packed with Cosmic events. Everything that you have felt in the last couple of months will feel even more intense this month.

Mars Is Encouraging Us To Take Action

Even though many of us have been locked up inside our homes, the feeling of restlessness is still there. Things have slowly been building up. Be it in our personal space or our social-political space. Things have been pacing up.

Some of us may already be feeling like the breaking point is nearing. You are correct. Things will only get more intense this August. We will be encouraged to participate more actively in whatever project we have chosen. Again, it can be personal or societal.

Mars is the planet of action, and he inspires the drive within us. He represents masculine energy. Some of them include anger, assertiveness, and aggression. One thing we should make clear is that, whoever we are, we all possess both masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves.

Mars will activate last January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction and trigger Capricorn’s area of foundations. That means we will be encouraged to assess our foundations and restructure them.

Mars has been active since June and has been igniting our life forces. In September, he will enter Retrograde and go direct in November. So, we must look forward to more weeks of action.

In August, Mars will remain active from the 4th till the 24th. On 4th August, he will hit Jupiter and trigger action/aggression in us. On 10th August, he hits Pluto and will inspire violence. Then, from 10th to 13th August, Mars will align with Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which will encourage change. Finally, on 24th August, Mars will interact with Saturn and push our boundaries.

It can get quite chaotic if you don’t understand where all the urge for action is coming from. Realize that the encouragement is Cosmic. The best thing for you to do is to direct and channel your energies towards something meaningful. Beware of taking hasty decisions.

Mercury Hops From Cancer To Leo To Virgo

Mercury handles our communication. This August 2020, he will hop from Cancer to Leo to Virgo.

So, the first part of August will feel the sympathetic nature of Cancer. From 1st to 3rd August, Mercury has interacted with Pluto and Saturn, and in the process, has influenced us to re-evaluate our foundations.

Mercury’s counterpart, Uranus, will also be active in August. It will bring forth certain revelations and give us clarity. On 10th August, Mercury and Uranus will interact. Expect startling disclosures either in your personal, professional, or social lives.

On 4th August, Mercury entered Leo unleashing more dramatic and fiery energies.

Mid-August Events

The Sun, Mercury, and Neptune will spark a desire to know more and a tendency to escape. Mercury and the Sun will channel their energies towards Mars, until they come together on 16th to 17th August.

18th August Welcomes Leo New Moon

During the Leo New Moon, we will make up our minds. As the Lunar event occurs, we can sow our seeds of intention.

Then, on 19th August, Mercury will enter his home sign of Virgo. On 22nd August, the Sun will also follow. Our practical and analytical side will gain a greater flow.

On 25th August, Mercury trines Uranus. On 27th, Venus trines Neptune. Our creative side will flourish, and our love life will become more active.

This August 2020, you will find an urgency within you for your desires and aspirations to manifest.

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