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8 Ways To Use The Strong Energy Of The Full Moon (2 Days Before And After It)

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If you know how to use the energy of the full moon correctly it can be amazing. The only major downside to full moon energy is the emotions that come along with using it.

Everything that is or will happen in your mind and body will be intensified during the full moon. If you were a bit sad you may become distressed and wrought with grief. If you were happy you may become ecstatic, and so forth. The advice below will help you to prepare yourself and properly use the moon’s energy for good.

1. Don’t just go with the flow, be clear on your intent with this energy.

2. Do your best to try to send out good energy to those who need it. (This can be done through thought when you are feeling your best.)

3. Meditate frequently. (You can do this alone or in a group, it will help you to stay calm.)

4. Be creative and let your imagination run free.

5. Try to maintain positive thoughts. (Your positive thoughts will multiply during this time, lifting you up.)

6. Avoid discussing anything that can or will cause an argument. (During the full moon we should stay quiet and avoid altercations with others.)

7. Ignore anything that will get you down. (Don’t let the small things bother you, brush things off as needed. Maintaining your positivity is important.)

8. Don’t let this energy take over your being. (If given the chance to run free this energy will take over, you should do your best to stay in control.)

Be careful with this energy but do not be nervous to the point that your experience with it becomes negative. The energy we get from the full moon is amazing and can be extremely beneficial. If you follow the things above you will have a wonderful time with your full moon energy.

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