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Virgo Season Starts August 22nd: Time To Celebrate Your Freedom & Independence

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by Conscious Reminder

The exciting season of the Lion is coming to a close now. The Sun is preparing to move into the earthy sign of Virgo on the 22nd of August 2020.

Represented by the chaste virgin goddess, Virgos are people who are thought to be complete within their own selves. The virgin does not live by others’ rules, and they do what they want to do without answering to others. Virgos rely on their own connection with the Divine and their inner source of knowledge.

As the Sun shifts to Virgo, we can take this time to connect and align ourselves with the Divine. We are complete within ourselves, we do not lack anything. Our wholeness does not depend on our achievements.

Sometimes the connection is severed, but the wholeness is always there. It is often our guilt and shame that triggers the journey to reconnect with this inner source of wisdom.

Guilt and shame are often experienced when we are on the path of breaking old cycles and aligning with the Divine. If you are not used to doing things that are truly aligned with yourself, you will experience these negative emotions. But you need to have faith and keep working from your soul.

Virgo Season

As we seek alignment on an individual level, Virgo season 2020 also brings some major planetary alignments. Mars Retrograde and Mars-Saturn square are going to have a huge impact on the remaining months of the year. Here is what the Virgo season will bring for us:

Mars-Saturn Square

One of the most important alignments of the year, the Mars-Saturn square will be active for the next 2 months. While Mars is the ruler of energy and action, Saturn helps us create boundaries. When these two planets lock in a tussle on 24th August, frustration is sure to follow. We will have the zeal to move ahead, but our actions will keep getting restricted. Even on a global scale, we are going to feel some restrictions.

Pisces Full Moon

Virgo season’s Full Moon will be rising on 1st September in the sign of Pisces. This Moon will amplify the energy that the Mars-Saturn square brings, and that will prompt us to take a break.

Under Pisces’ influence, we will be prone to “releasing” our psychic powers and will be open to intuitive downloads during this luminary.

The Pisces Moon might bear some gifts for us, something connected to what we have been working hard on since the year began.

Mars Retrograde

The fiery red planet turns Retrograde every 2 years. But it was last Retrograding in Aries back in 1988. When Mars Retrograde begins on 9th September, we will need to reflect on the projects we have worked on in the last two years. We might need to readjust our goals and find better plans to make them successful. This will be guided by our urge to align our actions with our true selves.

With the duel fire of Mars and Aries, on a global level, there can be a rise in protests and riots. We will continue to express their dissatisfaction against powerful leaders of the world.

Jupiter turns Direct

As Jupiter turns direct on 13th September, we will welcome positive energies. New opportunities are lining up for us. We have learned many lessons in the last seven months. Now is the time to apply them in order to succeed.

Virgo New Moon

A New Moon in Virgo will rise on 17th September and will bring some friction with it. We might feel the tense energy but the virgin will guide us. The Moon will reflect those things back to us that we need to take a closer look at. It will remind us that we are whole from within and it will guide us to realign with our inner self.

Virgo season 2020 will come to an end on the day of the Equinox. As the Libra season begins, we will have completed half our journey through the astrological year. Till then, make the most of the Virgo energy and reconnect with your higher self.

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