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Mars Retrograde 2020: A Time To Trust The Universe And Be Patient

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by Conscious Reminder

Prepare for one of the most powerful astrological alignments of 2020. Mars turns Retrograde from 9th September and will stay in reverse motion till mid-November, 2020.

This Mars Retrograde will look back on the transformative alignments we have had so far this year. We have experienced major changes this year, and this Retrograde will light them up once again. Prepare for an intense burst of energy as Mars triggers those potent moments of astrological alignments again.

Even the day of the Retrograde is significant this time. 9/9 is quite potent numerologically. The ninth day of the ninth month represents the completion of the lessons of the year. This is the time when we start realizing what the Universe has taught us throughout the year. Understanding and awareness reach greater levels now.

Global Impact of the Mars Retrograde

The potent energy of this Retrograde means it will be felt on a global level too. Mars will be aligning with both Pluto and Saturn during this Retrograde. This will trigger matters related to power, control, politics, and government.

2020 has been a year of drastic changes on both personal and global levels. It has dismantled dark energies to help us rise to a higher state of the mind.

As the Mars Retrograde begins, there will be more power struggles, unrest, disruption, corruption and its exposure, riots, and protests. Mars will trigger our fears to give rise to this chaos. But the blessing in disguise is that we need to purge these negative energies in order to evolve as a community.

On a Personal Level

On a personal level, Mars Retrograde is the time to reevaluate the direction of our journey. We will be reflecting on our actions and how they are aligned with the future world. We can take this time to reassess our goals and find new paths to reach those goals.

This Retrograde is connected to the 2018 Mars Retrograde. Look back and see how much you have grown. The themes you were working with two years back will reach completion now.

When the planet of action turns opposite, we are bound to experience spells of lethargy and fatigue. We will lack the motivation to get our work done, and a lot of it will get delayed. But Mars is trying to give us the time to truly understand if our actions are aligned with our highest self.

Post 13th November, when Mars turns direct, we will be back to our normal rhythm. We might notice that the things we wanted to get done have been shifted for the better.

Mars Retrograde With Mercury

While Mars will be Retrograde, Mercury too will change directions between 13th October and 3rd November. With both these planet in Retrograde, a sense of confusion and lack of direction will veil us. So this is the time to have faith in the Universe.

During this transition phase, delay all your major commitments and decisions. Wait for the planets to get back in their place so that you can gain clarity.

If you try to force your way through this time, you will see how your thoughts have led you astray. Pause for a while, and trust your intuition. Wait for the Universe to give you that green signal.

Mars Retrograde 2020 will show us what the year has been all about. It will create the stage for the changes we need to make. Evolution is set to happen on an individual as well as global scales.

The best way to navigate this Mars Retrograde is to take care of yourself and listen to your intuition. Balance your energy levels, set clear boundaries, and heal your Root Chakra. Patience will see you through!

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