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High And Low Vibrations – Love Conquers All!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Returning to our spiritual nature is more of an emotional than a mental journey.

In order to ‘return’ to the natural state of our existence and maintain it at all times, or better say- remember it, we need a lot of focus. It is a bit difficult to use languages to talk about heart matters, since they have been designed to convey a different perception. So, if you don’t understand the words, concentrate on vibrations, or the feelings that come over you when you read the text.

We attract vibrations similar to those that we usually concentrate on. The thoughts that appear in our mind match the vibrations in our focus. Higher and wider vibrations, which are much more engaging and ‘lighter’, take over the place that had been reserved for the narrower, slower and lower ones.

That’s why we say ‘love conquers all’. If we take a step back from the concept of love we created with our experiences, and try to feel it as vibration, without being affected by ‘external influences’, we will then realize why we say that love conquers all.

From emotional point of view, if we allow more vibrations, that is, if we love more, we add more to our love and to the world. Once again, please, don’t pay attention to the vocabulary that I am using. Allow this article to be more of an emotional journey than just a mental analysis of words.

Every time we feel that something ‘is happening’ during our day, or in a particular moment, we become aware of our emotional reactions occurring in the heart and stomach area. Also, when we experience resistance towards a certain situation, we actually feel our emotional body tightening up and we start to love less. This process happens when our focus is being obstructed by the cognitive processes, which tell us that the situation we are in, should be different than it was at that moment. So, we immediately feel resistance, pain- a discrepancy with the truth of the ongoing moment. And that’s how we get stuck in our influenced mind that starts creating its own reality.

So, we live less, when we actually to live more, to live freely.

There is no difference between ‘crazy’ and ‘normal’ people. There are only people who trust their minds, and people who don’t. ‘The crazy’ and ‘the normal’ ones who trust their minds are actually put in the same position – they see the reality through a specter of conditioned mental patterns. The fact that ‘crazy’people have different ideas makes no difference, except when it comes to experiencing reality.

Having said that, minds create alternative realities. There are worlds beyond reality of mind. These are realities defined by soul missions, agreements and potentials for individual experience. This is usually what children manifest before different influences contaminate them. It’s not necessary to have an identity or to be a ‘person’ to experience individual reality. It’s not possible to BE an ‘individual’, but we can always imagine we are one.

In that case not even the smallest potential of individual experience can be realized and what’s created is a world of the ego. This is why we need to reincarnate over and over again, until the full potential of the person starts flourishing. Potentials start growing when consciousness finally realizes it’s pure. At that moment,  consciousness starts shining upon the world and the flower of the person starts blooming. We leave the ideas of life behind us, we start living without limits, brakes or the concept of experience.

Everything that comes in a form of experience should be loved and accepted, not resisted or feared. At the beginning it can be challenging because we become aware of a huge pile of emotions that have been sitting there unrealized. There are also the stale mind concepts based on existential fears, like fear of injury or death, that are trying to stay alive.

The only thing that can save us from death is to understand what it is that dies and WHO WE REALLY ARE. It’s a message that comes from the Divine consciousness.

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