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Reinvent Yourself With The Pluto & Saturn Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

The Pluto Retrograde will begin on 24th April and last till 3rd October. Saturn will also go retrograde from the 29th of April to the 18th of September.

This combination might sound really bad, but the retrogrades are looking out for you. It is all about reinventing yourself. Understand who you are, accept the planetary energies and rise. These retrograde can bring the time of your life. Here is how they will affect you:


Since the retrogrades will be affecting your house of reputation and career, it is time to look deep within and come in tune with your dreams. Are you doing what you want to do? What will you be leaving on this planet for other generations to follow? Be serious about your dreams now if you want to achieve something.


The House of philosophy and adventure will zoom into focus. So, get yourself acquainted with a bit of Plato and Heidegger. Go out into a new land and learn about their culture. If you have always been in your hometown, now is the time to consider higher education. Go out of your comfort zone.


The retrogrades fuel your house of rebirth and death. So, get ready to face your inner demons and start working on them. Your emotional and spiritual side will require a purging for the better so that you can move forward and be reborn.


The retrograde bring good news for your House of relationships. Don’t settle for casual flings. It’s time to go for a spiritual bonding with your partner. They should have the same caring and loyal characteristics which you possess.


The house of work and health will be the highlight during this period. So, are you working for your health? If you have been selfish and only binging on unhealthy food just because it satisfies your taste buds, then stop. Also, work hard too. Develop a healthy professional lifestyle.


This period is about the house of pleasure and fun. Connect with your inner child. Be creative. If you want, then bring a change in your perspective of life. Spend time realizing and putting your creative side on paper or on a cavass.


The House of Family will be your focus during this period. Families may be difficult to deal with but they are the closest people you have. Understand the traumas that they gave you. Realize the good times too. Value both and derive your lessons from it.


The House of Communication will be taking a lead during these retrogrades. So, it’s time to listen to others and being honest with them. Process your information properly, and think of your daily routine. Do you need to make amends in it? Develop a routine that works for you.


The House of finances will get the power of the retrogrades. So, think about the value of finances. Do you have enough for your needs? Are you spending more than necessary? Time to cut back on spending and start on savings. Also, make a budget.


The retrogrades will be making a round around your house of Self. So, it’s time to look deeper. Realize who you are. You might have been in conflict with yourself and have searched for clues. Well, now is the time. Let go of your previous self and start engaging with your newer side. Embrace a new YOU.


The house of spirituality gets an extra bump with the planetary energy coming in contact with you. Your intuitive side will become extra strong during this period. Become aware of who you are and what you really want from life. Engage in your spiritual goals and grow from within.


The retrograde will be happening in your House of Friends. So, get ready to enter a new social circle and live your life. Or, you might even distance yourself from toxic circles. Rest assured, you will know what you require from your friends.

The retrogrades are not as bad as it seems. They are mostly positive with a bit of nudging for us to grow. Let’s embrace it.

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