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Pisces Full Moon On September 1st/2nd Brings Deep Awakening Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

The night between September 1st and 2nd, the Pisces Full Moon will grace the sky. We will be influenced by the gentle and psychic Pisces.

The time will also be harmonious as Uranus will be in perfect alignment with the first Full Moon in September.

Uranus represents change and transformation. And so, we will be forced into a moment of awakening, where we will gain a fresh perspective into everything that’s going on around us. Celestial bodies will encourage us to look at things from a new light and raise our collective and individual consciousness.

One important thing to note is that while this is a Pisces Full Moon, the cosmic sky shows that it falls under the Aquarius constellation. This is a little known information that leading astrologers are trying to tell everyone. It’s high time that we start honoring the celestial constellations.

While traditional western astrology has its own system, we should not dismiss the sidereal astrology. Sidereal astrology not only focuses on zodiacs but also on constellations. And, in this way, it’s as if sidereal astrology deals with galactic matters.

Furthermore, the important thing about Full Moons is that the celestial events surrounding them are much more important than anything else. And, these events stay the same no matter what system you follow.

Uranus Stand In Harmonious Alignment With The Full Moon

Uranus rules astrology and brings along powerful awakenings with it. You might already be sensing a potent energy coursing through you. It will further encourage you to see the deep and rich cosmic possibilities that are coming in your life. Expect to gain a fresh perspective.

Love Life Will Be Affected By The Active Saturn And Venus

Since Venus and Saturn influence our love life, we will see major changes in our romantic relationships.

The most important thing during this period is to be patient. If you find yourself going through a turbulent time with your partner, don’t get defensive. Sit down with your partner and discuss the issue. It’s always best to understand each other and not pass the blame. Pause first to move forward to a bigger and better future.

The September Pisces Full Moon will also introduce potent cardinal energies. Which means that you might feel an urgency to be free and independent. It’s a great opportunity if you want to become self-reliant. The Universe is with you. Trust yourself, and take decisive actions.

The September Full Moon Will Trigger Our Emotions

There are various types of emotions, but what we will experience under the lunar event are emotions of sensitivity and empathy. We will all feel connected to each other and get influenced by each other’s energies.

If you are an empath, make sure to protect your emotions first, then help others.

The water zodiac Pisces will be able to help us the most if we deal with water bodies. If you don’t have a water body near you, simply take a saltwater bath. It will enrich you and restore your depleted energy levels.

Harness the powers of Aquarius and reach out to your friends and family, or anyone who might be in need of emotional support. Staying connected will not only help your loved ones, but it will help your mental and spiritual state as well.

The September Pisces Full Moon is all about change and a moment of awakening. There will be major energy shifts in September.

To truly harness the cosmic energies, leave your past behind and march forward towards a bright future.

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