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New Moon In Aries Welcomes April: A Chance To Start Fresh

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Aries will rise right as we enter April. As such, the nights of March 31 and April 1 will see the height of the lunation’s energies.

Both Aries and new moons are strongly associated with new beginnings. Thus, their combination brings one of the most ideal periods for pondering what new chapter we can start on.

During this time, give a thought to every seed you wish to plant and your future intentions.

Keep in mind that the lunation offers a chance to start afresh on a clean slate. During such periods, our creative energies also run high. This gives us the power to morph and turn our dreams into reality.

Think clearly about everything you wish to manifest. Then hold the clear vision and finally send them into the Universe during the dark New Moon.

Reprise and relish your co-creator role in the Universe. Believe in your magical nature. Additionally, Aries energy is also strongly associated with Action. So make you take action steps soon after sending out your wishes.

The Energy Of Chiron

One more energy will be provided during the Aries New Moon, apart from the energies for creative manifestation. That will be the energy from Chiron, the asteroid. The asteroid has two identities: a rainbow bridge and a wounded healer.

As a bridge, the asteroid’s energies will help us attain a higher consciousness state and allow easier passage between multiple awareness. As a healer, Chiron can take our struggles and wounds and transform them into portals into wisdom and healing.

Since the energy of Chiron will be strong during this New Moon, all of us can find beauty in our wounds. We will be given the power to accept our wounds, regardless of their magnitude and their influence on making us more compassionate and better.

Chiron’s energy can help us discover that sometimes we need our wounds to direct us towards progress rather than ignore them even if they will never heal. As we make space for this type of being, we will discover the wisdom and strength within these wounds.

The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunct

Furthermore, this New Moon will also feature an alignment between Neptune and Jupiter. This is a unique event, and it will show us how the remainder of this year may go.

Together, these two planets stand for heightened psychic senses and collective awakening. This will be enhancing the New Moon’s ability to heighten our intuition to make us particularly sensitive.

This lunation will also make you more drawn towards beginning new practices in spirituality or going back to meditation. It will also give you a push if you want to know more about the spiritual gifts you have, or if you have ignored your intuition for too long.

However, since we will probably feel close to the veil, make sure you keep your field of energy protected and recharged. Bear in mind that the lack of a Moon in the sky at night is the time when we must retreat within. This is the time to hear the voice within us.

Moreover, it will also help to keep in mind that whatever troubling issue that might come up during this time can be overcome by looking within and at ourselves first. This practice will also let you connect to the inner power. It is a great power and you should work on claiming it.

Walk on the rainbow-colored bridge when it reveals itself from the dark night’s depths. Allow yourself to transcend to higher existential states.  

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