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These 3 Zodiacs Signs Won’t Feel Mercury’s Retrograde Mayhem This October

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by Conscious Reminder

We are in the endgame now with the third and last Mercury Retrograde of a chaotic year.

This retrograde will affect communications and organizational skills, and confusion will prevail. But 3 zodiacs signs will have a relatively happier time during this Retrograde. Let’s see which 3 zodiacs are going to breeze through this chaos.


While the summer Mercury Retrograde was rather difficult for your sign, the autumn Retrograde will be very smooth. Communication trouble will hamper your romantic adventures.

If you think there is a potential long-term option, be careful. Things are not always what they seem to be under Retrogrades. Past flings might also make a comeback. It is okay to flirt a little, but don’t get too carried away. You will gain clarity post the Retrograde, so keep calm till then.


Mercury won’t impact your daily activities much, but it never hurts to be a bit cautious during Retrogrades. As repressed emotions make a dash for the surface, you will be focused on introspection.

Make time for meditation, and connect with your spiritual side. Let your emotions flow and write them down if needed. Spend some relaxing time alone and the rest will be easy for you!


Most Pisceans struggle with a strict schedule and finer details. So Mercury Retrogrades are usually quite hard for you. But since this Retrograde is in a fellow water sign, you will be focused on exploring your philosophical side now.

You can start analyzing your thoughts and beliefs. It will help you get along with the paradigm shifts that are about to take place this year. Try to analyze yourself from different perspectives, but don’t lose sight of your inner truth.

While these 3 zodiacs enjoy a calmer Mercury Retrograde, most of us are in for a spin. Irrespective of your sign, this Mercury Retrograde is best navigated by being flexible and cautious.

Be clear in your thought and express only what you mean to say. Hopefully, this period will pass super fast, and we will be out of the murky waters.

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