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These 5 Bad Habits Are Sucking The Life Out Of You

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These days most of us feel exhausted most of the time. Our energy levels drop and it is very bad for our health. However certain practices of ours are the reason why this happens to us.

Reasons Behind Chi Level Drop

• Those of us who lead very fast paced and work driven lives are more likely to be tired and depressed than others. We don’t care about our health.

• We have also forgotten that our soul needs to be looked after as it is not enough to constantly chase materialistic pleasures.

Listed below are the bad habits that cause damage to your mind and body.

1. Less Water Consumption

Physical Impact: Water is essential for our body to work properly and remain healthy. You should definitely have minimum 8 glasses of water daily and it should alter depending on your body’s special needs.

Spiritual Impact: The elemental power of water is associated with renewal and psychic powers. When you drink water, you establish a connection with the spiritual plane and your inner self.

2. Being Sleep Deprived

Physical Impact: Getting proper sleep ensures that your body is well rested and functioning. It also maintains balance in emotions, hormones and intellect.

Spiritual Impact; Sleep means a magical death that leads to rebirth the next morning. It removes all negativity and makes room for positivity. It also improves our Chi levels and helps in Astral projection.

3. No Recreational Activities

Physical Impact: When you don’t enjoy yourself, your serotonin and dopamine levels go down, making you tired and sad. This causes the ‘burn out’.

Spiritual Impact: The Universe misinterprets the situation. When you constantly work, the Universe increases it. Let it know that you need to relax. Find time for yourself.

4. Smartphone Addiction And No Meditation

Physical Impact: Stay away from gadgets at night as the radiation confuses the body into thinking it’s daytime. Also it reduces your concentration power and makes you drowsy.

Spiritual Impact: Meditate in order to get in touch with yourself. Use your smartphones smartly.

5. Sex Deprived

Physical Impact: Healthy sex life has good effects on your personal and professional lives. It provides you with energy and motivation.

Spiritual Impact: It helps you connect to the Universe and rejuvenates your spirituality.
So, keep these points in mind to lead a healthier life!

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