How To Raise The Vibration Of The Water?

by Conscious Reminder

Water is an essential element for the survival of life. It is imperative to drink pure water in order to stay not just physically active but also to stay emotionally and spiritually stable. It is also considered that water is a form of the life force and energy.

There is no doubt about the fact that water helps us to keep the energy circulating inside us. If you maintain optimal hydration inside your body then your energy body will feel light, clear and properly aligned with the higher spiritual realms.

The benefits of drinking pure water are well known. It can help you to maintain the clarity of the mind, it keeps you energized and it flushes out all the toxins from your body. All these result in increasing your vibration which ultimately leads to happy living.

On one hand staying hydrated clearly has its own benefits; keeping yourself dehydrated on the other hand can result in spiritual and physical problems. You might find it hard to access your spiritual gifts and the aura of your personality also drops significantly.

Furthermore, your ability to think clearly diminishes and you find it hard to stay focused.

For all these problems, there is one simple solution though, drink a lot of water. Carrying a water bottle with you when you travel goes a long way in maintaining your spiritual and physical health. But now the problem comes with the source of water. In order to reap the benefits of water, one must drink pure water. The water supplied by taps is mixed with many chemicals like Chlorine and some Fluorides.

The water in packed bottles has its own demerits. If the water is kept in plastic containers for a long time, the plastic seeps into the water making it impure. You must try to avoid drinking plastic water also because it comes at some cost to environment.

I would suggest avoiding drinking water from plastic cups. Drinking water from glass bottles is preferable but it is difficult to handle them. So the other alternative can be a good quality stainless steel bottle. 

I Love You Water

Dr. Emoto conducted some studies on the nature of water and he was surprised with the results. He found that we can actually change the nature of water with just our thoughts. He found that when the words like ‘I love You’, ‘Gratitude’ etc were labeled on the water bottles, then it caused the frozen molecules of the water to form beautiful crystals of water.

How To Raise The Vibration Of The Water?

As our body is 70% water, thus sending positive thoughts raises the vibration of the water as well. Thus, before you drink water next time, think of all the positive things and say ‘I love You Water’ in your mind. This will infuse your water with the qualities like Love, Peace and Hope. Notice the difference when you do this next time.

Charging Water With Crystals

You can supercharge your water with crystals as well. A simple way to do this is to place crystals at night around your water bottle. The choice of crystals is flexible here.

Raise your own vibration with energetic treatment of water.

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