Live Life Without Planning Every Step Of It And You Will Find Happiness Each Day

by Conscious Reminder

What does a perfect life feel like? Natural, smooth, calming, relaxed, tension-free – these are some of the adjectives you might be using to define a good life.

It feels homely, conflict-free – a life where there is nothing to worry about. But then, that’s not the life you are leading right now, are you?

Your current life might be defined as a constant and tension-filled worry to pursuit the ‘perfect’ life. You might be going through Instagram and finding out how terrible your life actually is compared to the life of everyone else.

And then, you start following the diet plans of these ‘perfect’ people. You might see many influencers who have an organic diet chart and a meditation routine. You follow it for a month, and then, you suddenly stop.

You start chomping on a slice of pizza and try scrolling down social media channels, trying to follow another influencer.

Why is it that when you form a good habit, you easily break it? It doesn’t take much time to break habits when you start doing so after following an influencer. Well, the reason is, you don’t quite believe in the habits.

You tell a story about a ‘happy’ life – you form an image of a perfect life based on what you see. But you don’t quite believe in it. The reason is simple, your image is just a comparison with someone else.

It’s not who you are or what you really want for YOURSELF. Rather than thinking of events to be a constant flow, it’s time to start curating your own life events and forming your own idea of life.

The problem with us is that we try to control life as to how it SHOULD look like. We are always forming images of relationships and careers in our mind and we think we have to reach this spot. If we don’t, then, we will be lost. We will never be happy.

In that pursuit, we lose touch of happiness in the present. Then, when we actually reach the spot, if we can, the happiness fades away. You are confronted with a strange emptiness yet again.

Whenever you plan and imagine a certain situation and give a grandiose image of it, you fall into discomfort. You start feeling terrible when you have to go one step back because of any reason.

Plus, you have created a rigid definition of what happiness should look like based on other people’s opinion.

Start by creating your own definition of happiness. Start living in the present, in each of the moments and no because you have an ideology to fight for or live for.

Detach your mind from the imagined life – live life within the NOW. It will keep you happy in the future, and most importantly, the present.

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