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The Soul Shock That The Runner Twin Flame Experiences

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by Conscious Reminder

In every twin flames relationship, there is a runner and the chaser.

It is usually the latter who has to deal with an experience called soul shock but what is little known is that the runner has to deal with it to.

This doesn’t seem logical because the runner is the one who runs from the relationship and many take this to mean that their feelings don’t run very deep. However that is not how this works.

What is Soul Shock for Twin Flames?

We all know the pain of heartache. If you magnify this hundred folds you will get soul shock. This is what happens when twin flames become separate. The soul they share is literally torn into two. It feels like knowledge from deep inside that you will never be complete again.

It makes sense that the chaser has to go through this because even after trying their hardest, the runner only denies the relationship. The truth is that the runner is feeling the same pain and this is what making them run.  The effects of soul shock are many and varied.

Chasers go after their twin flames because they are scared that there is no joy or affection in life once they have lost their twin flame. This is made worse by how betrayed they feel that their twin flame could reject them.

The runner also feels the ache but they don’t know why they are feeling it. They are just now beginning to come to terms with the spirituality they had set aside up till this point.

This ache that tortures the runner is also the pain that will bring the runner and the chaser together.

Soul Shock is important to the Twin Flames relationship

Soul shock is essential to bring the running and the chasing in a twin flame relationship to an end. If it didn’t exist there would be nothing to make the runner stop running and think about things differently. A runner sees the truth only when he feels the ache that occurs when he rejects it.

In conclusion, we need to be more patient with runners. They face all the obstacles, the aches and the troubles of the chaser.

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