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This Is How The Spooky October New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Rising in the social sign of Libra, the October New Moon will bring some spooky energies.

The 16th October Moon will be accompanied by the Mercury Retrograde, which makes the situation a bit more complicated. The Moon locks unfavorable positions with Saturn, Mars, and Pluto too. We need to embrace Libra’s balancing energies in order to survive this luminary.

Here’s how the zodiac signs will fare under this Libra New Moon.


The Moon is opposite your ruler, which is in Retrograde. This will create friction between partners and push your wild side. This energy boost is best used to renew your bonds more intimately. Can you find the balance?


Steer clear of distractions and restructure your schedule with the New Moon’s energy. You might be eager to take on all the projects that you can, but it will come back to negatively impact your health. Be diplomatic and stick with the most important projects.


The Libra New Moon is a great time for you to sow seeds for a creative project close to your heart. But remember that you have to work through some obstacles first. Let your creativity flow and stay focused on your goal, the frustrations will soon be gone.


This luminary will be emotionally overwhelming for you. The Retrograde is bringing past memories, so you need to sit back and reflect on them. Take this time to nurture yourself and find a balance between the external and the internal.


Mercury Retrograde will cause miscommunications as it always does, but the Moon will be helpful for you. It will help you smooth out communication issues while you find new ways to structure your daily tasks and deal with them better.


This Libra New Moon is a great time for Virgos to start building a solid foundation for their financial freedom. There will be a few obstacles on the way, and you will have to let go of some bad habits, but you have the power to get it all done!


Your annual New Moon is here to remind you to seek balance from within. You may have to deal with some internal drama as well on your relationship front. But persevere, and you’ll be all the more stronger.


The Libra New Moon is bringing some drama your way. But this is your opportunity to persevere and grow through it. You’ll be better aligned with your spiritual side and learn to understand your unconscious truth. Use this luminary as a chance to sharpen your Third-Eye vision.


Let your diplomatic side shine as you become more active in your social circles. Money and love matters are still quite unstable, but you can find peace in collaborative efforts. Don’t let the New Moon bog you down. The best is yet to come!


You are going to be fully focused on your career this October. But with the Libra New Moon, you need to fix some internal issues first. You need to work on balancing your internal and external personalities to bring some peace. Find a middle path, and your professional goals will be all the easier to reach!


The Libra New Moon is a powerful luminary that can bring about significant transformations for you. The shifts will be related to how you perceive the world and your own beliefs. The external tensions are now affecting your soul, so you need to move away and find inner balance. Let your ideas take shape on a clean slate.


You have been busy exploring your emotional depths all this month. But the New Moon is going to help you find new desires. It will also help you set fresh boundaries when it comes to intimacy. While others deal with the worldly chaos, you’re deep within your subconscious, ready to embrace your true self. Stay determined, and you will emerge stronger than ever!

The Libra New Moon this October is bringing some intense energies our way. As shifts take place, we need to find the anchor within us to weather the upcoming storms.

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